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KOW Wagyu Tomahawk
SUNDAY 05.26.2019

In this episode of the #FOGOlife, I grill a Wagyu Tomahawk provided by this really cool company called KOW Steaks. Check them out

KOW Steaks is a family company in Nebraska, and they have been breeding cows for generations. They converted a 747 airplanes to be able to bring quality breeding stock from Japan to the US! They currently have one of the best breeding programs and some of the best cuts in the US.

When John from KOW Steaks asked me what was my favorite cut, I immediately thought of what I think is the King of Steaks: The Tomahawk. So he sent me a beautiful piece of Wagyu Tomahawk - about 3 inches thick and 3-4lbs. I could barely close my grill when I was cooking it! I reverse seared it and then seared it on soapstone. Because of the amount of fat in this type of meat, you want to use a surface, like a cast iron or soapstone to prevent very big flare-ups. Always be cautious!

Charcoal Pro-Tip: For short cook like today I like to use the FOGO Premium Charcoal Black bag, it has consistent medium size chunks that are great for a short smoking session and also allow me to raise the temperature quickly when I am ready for searing.

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1) Wagyu meat is super marbled and full of flavor, so I really want to taste that beefy, decadent flavor and so I only use Salt and Pepper for seasoning.

2) We start off with a reverse sear, dial in your grill or smoker to 225 degrees indirect and cook the steak to an internal temperature of 115 degrees.

3) Then bring up the grill to searing temps by opening all the vents and letting oxygen in. I am usually looking for around 600 degrees and start searing.

3) Because the KOW Steak is marbled with fat, we would get a ton of flare-ups cooking it directly on the fire. Better to cook in cast iron or another cooking surface. I had a soapstone laying around and used that.

4) Sear the Tomahawk for about 1 minute a side, flipping 3 times for a total of 2min a side.

5) I am adding a couple of Fresh Sea Scallops to make it a Surf and Turf. The trick with scallops is to pat them dry, season them, let them air dry a bit and then sear them, sear the first side for about 2 min or so and gently check for that amazing caramelized crust. then flip them, and cook for another minute and remove them.

How was it?

The scallops came out very nice, they were cooked perfectly with a little crust outside and juicy. We nailed them! But the showstopper was really the Tomahawk. Once we tried the Wagyu Tomahawk, we forgot there were any scallops!

The soapstone really helped sear the steak very nicely. You can definitely tell its Wagyu meat as soon as you take a bite. It has the most amazing buttery texture and richness, that just melts in your mouth. But it's not greasy, it's just very flavorful. It almost doesn’t taste like regular steak! We really wanted the taste of the meat to shine through, and that it did!

Check out KOW and give them a try! Not only is one of the best cuts in the US, but also it is at a better price point that you could get any other Wagyu.

And it was so worth it, I can’t wait to do more again!

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