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Make your own Halloween BBQ
MONDAY 10.29.2018

It’s time for scary movies and costume parties.

Halloween is the favorite holiday of many: It’s always a fun night of costumes, tricks, and treats. Forget about the spooky aspects of Halloween, let’s focus on the treats: Throw a damn good Halloween BBQ.

This is how.

The menu

Put together a cookout menu that will easily work its way into the crowds. Think less of a sit-down meal, and more of party snacks. Filling snacks, that is: Sliders, hot dogs, armadillo eggs , a spooky meatloaf – or all the above! Make a list of what you want and start prepping.

The treats

Remember the classic caramelized apple? A Halloween BBQ is the perfect opportunity to make other versions of homemade fall treats. Use your grill to roast an apple crisp, or throw some grilled pineapple for a healthy (and delicious) snack option. If you’re grilling for a party, why not throw in some dessert?

The vibe

A costume party is great fun! Treats aside, the real trick is to make pranks and contests. You can build a haunted house, or ask your friend to bring his karaoke machine. The real treat is to see who makes a fool of himself. Who is the best dressed? What will the prize be? It better have to do with BBQ.

The drinks

This is a chance to get spooky. Mix blackberry vodka for darker Cosmopolitans. Buy red wine for classic sangria that will match the bloody vampire-themed night.

And when you have the drinks, the food and the vibe under control, it is time to think of a good costume, which can also be BBQ-inspired. A butcher, for example, is a great DIY easy Halloween costume… But if you will be grilling, you might as well kill two birds with one stone and go as a chef, another easy option.

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