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Perfect Reverse Sear: Finish over Live-Fire or Cast Iron?
FRIDAY 08.28.2020

Welcome back and thanks for tuning in!  I hope that you are enjoying these videos. 

In this video, I finally answer the age old question when it comes to reverse searing a steak on the Big Green Egg: live fire or cast iron?  Which sear is the best?  Some believe that there is no substitute for searing directly over a hot fire and yet others opt for a good hot cast iron sear.  Ill tell you this, either way is delicious and my findings may really surprise you!

Video Recipe: Perfect Reverse Sear on the Big Green Egg: Finish over Live-Fire or Cast Iron?


  • FOGO Premium, the First Ingredient
  • FOGOStarters
  • Your favorite cut of steak, 1 ½” thick or more
  • Steak Seasoning
  • A good Instant Read Thermometer 


Start by patting your steak dry and seasoning your steak liberally for a minimum of ½ hour before cooking.  Season them and let them come closer to room temperature.  This allows the steaks to sweat and reabsorb the juices, allowing the seasoning to penetrate the meat.

Next, prepare your grill for indirect cooking.  This means that you’ll be cooking so it is not over direct flames.

Once the grill gets to 250°, you are ready to put the steak on.  Place the steak on the grate and close the lid.  Cook the steak until it is about 10-15° below your desired final temperature. (see chart below)  After resting and searing it will reach the final desired temperature.

Remove the steak from the grill and crank up the heat for direct grilling. If you’re using cast iron, this is the time to set it over the fire and put a little oil in. Get that fire going nice and hot.  Once you have a good fire going, place the steak over the fire or into the pan.  Leave it sit for one full minute and flip it over and sear the other side for a minute.  Make sure you are happy with the crust.  If you want more, leave it for a bit longer.  Remember, we are just searing the steak, it is already cooked!

Desired finish Indirect Temp Final Temp
Rare 105-110° 120-125°
Medium Rare 115-120° 130°
Medium 125° 140°
Medium Well 135° 150°
Well Done Please don't do this!!


Thanks for watching!


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