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Perfect Medium Rare Porterhouse Steak with Bacon Wrapped Carrots
TUESDAY 02.05.2019

I love a good Porterhouse Steak, it's one of the biggest and thickest Steaks you can usually get and it has two of the best cuts right on the bone: A NY Strip Steak and a Filet Mignon. I always get the NY Strip Steak for myself, as I love the flavor that comes with the marbling, and the texture of a good Strip Steak. And I always get the Filet Mignon for my wife, because she loves it! She loves the tenderness of the Filet Mignon. So the Porterhouse Steak is a perfect steak to do for two!

Fun fact: This cut is very similar to  T-Bone Steak, the only difference is that the Filet Mignon piece is bigger in the Porterhouse Steak than in the T-Bone Steak.

As a side dish, I tried something I’ve never tried before. I figured that anything wrapped in bacon is a sure win, so I wrapped carrots in bacon and put them on the grill. The carrots get sweet and soft in the smoking phase and then when I dialed up the heat for searing the bacon got nice and crunchy - I loved it!

Try this at home, it is very simple and easy to do once you’ve gotten your hands on that nice piece of Porterhouse Steak. The one in the video is 1 ½ inch thick, with great marbling, which I got at our local supermarket. I decided to do it with the reverse sear method,  cooking the meat at low temperature first to get that perfect Medium-Rare, and then searing the outside on a very high temperature to get the perfect crust.

Video Recipe




1) Season the Porterhouse Steak liberally with salt and pepper, this is a big steak so don’t be afraid to apply a good amount of seasoning.

2) Simply wrap the carrots with a slice or two of bacon, and that's it you are done. If you want to add your favorite rub or some spice go for it!

3) We start off with the reverse sear, set your grill to cook indirectly at 225 degrees Fahrenheit and put the Porterhouse steak and carrots on the grill.

4) Once the internal temperature of the meat if 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit take it off and bring your grill up to searing temperature, by opening all the vents and letting oxygen hit the charcoal. As your grill temperatures climb continue grilling the bacon wrapped carrots to get that crunchy bacon, but without burning them. They should be done before you sear the steak.

5) Sear the Porterhouse Steak for one to two minutes on both sides for a nice charry crust, and finally, let the steak rest for 10 min before cutting it.

Give it a try at home! Let me know in the comments how great it turned out!


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