The #1 Lump Charcoal. Not a fuel, but an ingredient. The First Ingredient.

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The #1 Lump Charcoal to help you take your grilling to the next level.

You can now kick back and relax. With FOGO Super Premium your 12+ hour cooks will be fueled with one basket of lump.

FOGO Super Premium is hand picked to ensure you get large pieces in every bag. This will help in your long cooks, be that an 18+ hours brisket or a 5 hour pork shoulder.

5 Stars

"Huge chunks
When I opened the bag could not believe how big some of the charcoal chunks where! "

- Steve Daniel (Dover, US)


Large chunks give better airflow to your charcoal basket, making your lump burn more evenly and easier to control. This gives crucial steady temperatures for your awesome cooks.

"This charcoal is different


- Peter Bizanovich (Wheeling, US)


FOGO Super Premium is made of a blend of hardwoods. Which not only helps with a long burn, but also with a fast light up. You can be ready to cook within 15 min!

5 Stars

"Consistency is key

Every bag of FOGO is the same as the last. Large chunks, quick lighting, and long lasting. You will not be disappointed. "

- Phillip Hooker (Lake Charles, US)


The mix of the big chunks, with our special blend hardwoods make it possible to achieve record breaking long burns.

"Awesome Burn!

Cooking over the Mother’s Day weekend in my Komodo Kamado, filled the basket and started with burgers, moved to chicken wings and now a pork shoulder for some awesome pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow all on the same basket! This charcoal is outstanding and burns longer and hotter than anything I have ever used before and I’ve tried many! Load up you won’t be disappointed! "


- Joe Heikkinen (Colleyville, US)


Trust our happy customers

5 Stars


Have always loved Fogo charcoal, but you can’t beat the amazing fast service and delivery as well! Plus, you get points toward future purchases! Amazing product, amazing company, and will always be a patron of Fogo!"

- William Black (Calhoun, US)


5 Stars

"Bag of Gold

Charcoal pieces are even sized and large. Quick to light with a starter block and responds well to changes made to the BGE. Burns hot or goes low and slow depending on need."

- Bryan Mangas (Midlothian, US)


5 Stars

"Lived Up To The Hype

After a bad tasting bag of lump from a brand that will remain nameless I searched reviews for a better tasting charcoal. Fogo received outstanding reviews so I decided to give them a try. Immediately after lighting the lump I could smell the difference in the wood. The steaks were fantastic! Fogo is now my new lump charcoal. Delivery was fast and charcoal arrived perfectly packed in a couple of days. Thank you Fogo for great service and a great product!"

- Joe Adduci (Saint Charles, US)


5 Stars

"FOGO Super Premium Lump Charcoal

FOGO is THE go to for lump charcoal. I'm currently on my 12th 35lb bag. In my kamado cooker I can cook pizzas or sear steak with it at 700 degrees, or setup for a low and slow 12 hour smoke. It's easy to light with no sparking or popping. Great flavor on it's own, but I'll often add cherry or hickory for a bit of extra flavor depending on the cook. The lumps are usually the size of a fist with some larger, and the bags generally contain minimal small stuff and dust. The few times I've contacted customer service they have been quick to respond. Give it a try, you'll likely be hooked."

- Gary Moen (Port Orchard, US)


5 Stars

"First time and I’m sold!!!

I had never used FOGO charcoal before and was excited to try it out. I am never going back to regular lump charcoal again! The burn time in my smoker was amazing the quality of the charcoal was great! FOGO is my new go to!."

- Jonathan Wasserman (Phonecia, US)


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