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Premium Charcoal
17.6 lbs
For the naughty grillmaster who has a small grill or a weber style kettle grill, we know you like to cook fast and turn the heat up.

At under $30.00, take this to all your Secret Santa parties and it’ll surely be a hit!
Super Premium Charcoal
For the naughty grillmaster who loves to enjoy long smoking sessions. Our customers have witnessed all-nighter cooks with our Super Premium and loved it!

At $39.95, it’s the perfect gift for the naughty BBQ lovers.
Super Premium Charcoal
For the naughty grillmaster who enjoys their ceramic cooker all year round, with this 35lb bag you get double the size and double the fun! Get huge chunks, handpicked by Santa himself.
At $59.95 you can assure that Santa will give you the best!