Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day with Grill Momma!

To honor this International Women’s Day I reached out to one of the most influential women in the barbecue community. What better woman than Grill Momma (a.k.a Melissa Reome)? Work, family, social media, she does it all, but mostly she brings her passion for barbecues. Keep on reading as she shares on how she found inspiration to grill and gives us a tip or two to use on our next cookout!

FOGO: Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

GM: I am a full-time pharmacist and mother of one who finds peace in lighting up a grill and making a great meal for friends and family. Working in the medical professions is quite stressful and grilling is a great way to unwind.

FOGO: What inspired you to get into barbecuing?

GM: I’ve loved to cook ever since I was old enough to reach the stove.  My parents didn’t allow me to use a grill on my own until I was a teenager.   As an adult, I wanted to be able to create traditional BBQ myself and thus my love of live-fire cooking was born.  Once I lighted up charcoal for the first time, I was hooked.

FOGO: What is your all-time favorite recipe to do with FOGO charcoal?

GM: Not really a recipe per se, but there is nothing like grilling a great steak over a bed of hot charcoal. The flavor it contributes to the steak is out of this world.

FOGO: If you could give one grilling tip to our readers, what would it be?

GM: Be in control of your fire.  If you can regulate the temperature of your grill, or set up zones where you can predict how hot your grill is, you can cook anything on a grill!

FOGO: How has getting into the barbecue world changed your life?

GM: Because of my social media presence showcasing my ability to grill, I have met so many incredible people who share similar interests.  I now travel frequently to meet up with friends I have made because of it. It’s true what they say about the BBQ family. Grilling and/or creating BBQ creates a common bond between people who may have not met otherwise.

FOGO: What would you say your life motto is in one sentence?

GM: Be kind, be honest, work hard, and give back.

I have to say Grill Momma has inspired me to continue my journey in barbecue and to explore outside my comfort zone (the stove) as well as to experiment with new recipes on the grill. It goes without saying, but I believe that this will also be a great and fun way to mingle with family and friends.

Before you go, make sure to check out @GrillingMomma for recipes and more great grilling tips!


By Michelle Chiariello 

Food has always been a big part of our family. I’ve always been a stove cook, but since discovering the versatility and taste charcoal provide, barbecuing has become my new obsession.


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