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3 Ingredient FOGO Chicken Wings
TUESDAY 11.07.2017



Remove wings from the package. Separate and discard the wing tip. Separate the flat and the drum. In a bowl add the flats, drums, and Head Country Championship Seasoning. Mix until coated. Place on a wire rack and refrigerate (up to 24 hours).

Set up your grill for two zone grilling (FOGO coals banked on one side).  This will allow you to cook both indirectly (on the open side of the grill) and directly (over the FOGO coals).

Place chicken on the indirect side of the grill.  With the lid closed, cook until they reach an internal temp of 155°F.

Move wings to a bowl add Head Country sauce and mix to coat. Place wings on the grill over direct heat. Rotating often, allowing the sauce to caramelize but not burn. Remove wings to the bowl with sauce, mix to coat again. Return to the grill over indirect heat and allow the sauce to set (2-3 minutes). The internal temperature should be 165°F

Remove from the grill and serve. Enjoy!

FOGO Charcoal, Big green egg, PigsOnBBQ, 3 Ingredient Chicken Wings

Recipe by: @pigsonbbq


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Thes work well

These work well. I used them to fireup my masterbuilt gravety fed.

The FOGO rub

This rub is really cool. Great conversation and shock from company. Ans the taste is unique and tasty.
But I am also using it for something it’s probably not made for... fish! I love to use this to blacken fish in a iron skillet! It’s fantastic!


Fogo Premium is much more consistent in size compared to what I've been use to. There are smaller pieces, but not unusable in a smoker and larger pieces were throughout the entire bag with very little dust at the bottom. Overall pretty happy with the entire bag and only a couple dollars more than what I was using.

Great product!

Awesome charcoal!! Fantastic for hot and fast cooks. Provides a great flavor for steaks and chicken! Will keep this in inventory at home.

FOGO Premium Lump Charcoal 35lbs