Classic FOGO Rib Eye

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    Red Meat

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    Serves 2

If you’re looking for a delicious recipe to enjoy with friends and family, you cannot miss out on this one. Mastering a hearty, tasty ribeye steak is easier than you think, especially when you have all the good ingredients: people you care about, quality time, premium charcoal. Get your first ingredient and start cooking!


To start, chop the onions and cut the potatoes into 1/4in slices and put them together on an aluminium foil sheet. Pour a little olive oil over the potatoes and onions, and sprinkle the seasoning on top: A little bit of salt, pepper, and other spices you'd like. I put some dried Italian herbs, the same I use for almost everything – it’s a habit! Now, close the aluminium foil so that the potato side dish is  contained in two closed packages.



Light your real charcoal. You must prepare your grill with 2 heat zones, thus setting it up to indirect heat. The rib eye is a very rich cut, with a lot of fat, this can lead to flare ups and also possibly quickly burn your meat. You need to be attentive and move it around to avoid that from happening. If there is too much heat and too much fire, move the meat to the "cold" site of the grill and close the lid. Put the two aluminium packages on your grill in the indirect zone – you want to cook these fairly slowly, over the next 30-40 min, without burning them. Turn them over once or twice during that time, so that it cooks evenly throughout. When it’s time, open a package and try the potato. If it’s soft already, then it’s done… And, be careful! It's very hot, so handle with tongs.


Grill the Rib eye steaks on the high direct heat for a few minutes on each side (be careful with flare ups)! Then move them over to the indirect side and finish them off! They will need another 10-15 minutes before they reach the internal temperature (rare, medium, well done, etc) that you like.

Now, when everything’s ready, enjoy the tasty meaty flavor, paired with smoked potatoes. The best part? The look on your friends’ faces.


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