A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Ribeye craziness!

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Today I bring you the best of the best: an A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Ribeye! If you’re into Wagyu, you know that this is one of the best graded steaks in the world. Its unique cherry red color, tenderness and amazing density is what makes every bite taste like heaven. 

Wagyu comes from various regions of Japan, Kobe being the largest and the most popular, right behind it is Miyazaki region, the second largest producer of Japanese Black Cattle and the main subject of our video today. Miyazaki Wagyu increasingly became popular after it won the Wagyu Olympics 3 times as the “Best Wagyu in the World”, an event that happens every 5 years and awards the most prestigious cattle in Japan. All the cattle are raised and slaughtered in Miyazaki Prefecture by the Miyachiku Co-Op, this cooperative consists of around 400 farmers and they are highly known for their breeding tactics. Its incredible the amount of detail they put into their cattle, they will only harvest on average 4 cows at a time so they can dedicate their time to make sure they get the ultimate results. 

Miyazaki Wagyu is usually fed with wheat and corn, and are bred for about 900 days which is about 7 to 8 times longer than regular cattle. There is a popular belief that all Wagyu are massaged and fed beer, but unfortunately it is just a myth, but farmers are pretty much free to feed their cattle anything that they seem fit and think that will help with the marbling.  

This episode we cook an A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Ribeye, but before we get into it, I want to explain a bit of how these steaks are graded so maybe you can also understand what you’re buying and why it has such a steep price. The “A” in A5, stands for the yield of the cow, this is done through an equation that estimates the cutability percentage of a specific cow based on the measurements of the sixth and seventh ribs. So depending on its measurements and yield percentage, it’ll be graded like this: 

Grade A - 72% and above

Grade B - 69% and above

Grade C - Under 69%

The “5” shows the quality, 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest. The quality takes into consideration the marbling, the meat color, its texture and fat color. Therefore we know that we are extremely lucky to be trying an A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu Ribeye because it excels in every test! 

Let’s sprinkle some salt and get to the tasting part, I am just too excited for this: 

Video Recipe


  1. Season the Wagyu Ribeye with some coarse salt
  2. Set your charcoal at medium/high, that’s around 400°F to 500°F and place your cast iron pan on top. 
  3. Place your ribeye and do around 10 to 20 seconds per side. 
  4. … and ENJOY! 

So tender it disappears in your mouth..

The taste was just amazing, and the fact that it was such a thin piece of ribeye made it even more delicious as it was not overpowering, allowing me to taste its natural flavor to the fullest. The fat is soft and just melts in your mouth,it is almost like magic as it just disappears and there is nothing for me to chew, unlike anything I have ever tried before.

In a restaurant this type of meat could easily cost around $50 to $60 per ounce, yeah you read it right, per OUNCE! An A5 Miyazaki Japanese Wagyu is a delicacy that takes time, a lot of effort and attention to detail, which is why A5 is not something you find in the US. Japanese farmers really have the patience to make sure that the cattle is fed and treated properly, and you can taste their efforts just by having one bite. 

If you would like to try this make sure to visit Meat n Bone and get it shipped right at your door! 

Have you ever tried an A5 Miyazaki Wagyu? Did I make your mouth water with this video? Let me know in the comments 


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