The Best Grilled Garlic Bread

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    Serves 4

Grilling a classic, must-try side dish. 

For the best take on a classic, try grilling your Garlic Bread. This quick recipe has everything that makes a good garlic bread... except we also add cheese! On the grill, the heat and smoke do magic. Don't forget the fresh parsley!


Get the essence of every flavor together. Prepare the garlic butter mixture by melting 1 stick of butter into a glass bowl. Next, chop about 1 cup of parsley and add it to the bowl. Then take 4-5 cloves of garlic and finely chop them. Then, add a sprinkle of salt to the garlic and use the back of your knife and press down to make it into a paste. Add this to the butter then sprinkle in a little salt and pepper and stir.

Get the heat going

Prepare your grill for about 350 F degrees with one side direct heat and one side indirect heat. Slice the bread in half and place the inside of the bread on the direct side of the grill and let it get toasty, watching it closely. Move it around to get an even toast. Once toasted, flip it over and brush on the garlic butter mixture. After a few minutes, move the bread to the indirect side and add the shredded mozzarella cheese if you want garlic cheese bread.

Once the cheese has melted, remove and slice with a bread knife.

Pro-tip: And if you want an extra pick-me-up, roast your garlic. It's one of our favorite hacks!

We love to prep this for any pasta night! What would you pair it with?



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