Biscuits and Gravy | Brunch on the Grill

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  • Grill Time

    1-2 hrs

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    Indirect Grilling

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    Serves 3-4

Mastering Biscuits and Gravy on the Big Green Egg: Special Guest Tina Cannon's Secret Recipe

The allure of the Big Green Egg is undeniable for BBQ enthusiasts and home cooks alike. This versatile cooking machine is perfect for everything from slow-smoked meats to quick sears. Today, we're diving into a Southern classic: biscuits and gravy, with a twist. We’ve invited BBQ champion Tina Cannon to share her secret recipe for buttermilk biscuits, made to perfection in a cast iron pan on the Big Green Egg. Alongside her is Captain Ron, who’ll be learning these tips and tricks right along with us.

Why the Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg is renowned for its ability to maintain consistent temperatures, making it ideal for baking. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned griller, mastering the art of using your Big Green Egg for baking can elevate your cooking game. The ceramic build ensures even heat distribution, which is crucial for getting those biscuits golden and flaky.

Tina Cannon's Secret Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe

Tina Cannon, known for her prowess in the competitive BBQ scene, brings her A-game to the Big Green Egg. Her buttermilk biscuits are legendary, and today, she’s revealing the secrets behind her fluffy, buttery masterpieces.

While Tina focuses on biscuits, Captain Ron steps in with his special gravy recipe. The rich, creamy gravy perfectly complements the buttery biscuits and ties the whole dish together.  The addition of pork loin to this brunch time favorite is a move only reserved for the strong of heart.

Tips for Success on the Big Green Egg

  • Temperature Control:Use a reliable thermometer to maintain the correct baking temperature. The Big Green Egg’s built-in thermometer is usually accurate, but an additional grill thermometer such as The Meater+ can provide extra assurance.
  • Indirect Heat Setup: The convEGGtor or plate setter is essential for baking. It prevents direct flames from reaching the biscuits, ensuring they cook evenly.
  • Cast Iron Pan: A well-seasoned cast iron pan is crucial. It retains heat well and gives the biscuits a beautiful crust.

Final Thoughts

Baking biscuits and gravy on the Big Green Egg might seem unconventional, but the results are extraordinary. With Tina Cannon's expert guidance and Captain Ron's delicious gravy, you'll be serving up a Southern classic that's sure to impress. Fire up your Egg, gather your ingredients, and enjoy the process of creating this comforting, delicious dish. Whether you’re cooking for a family brunch or a backyard gathering, biscuits and gravy on the Big Green Egg will be a hit!  Until next time, remember to Get Out and Grill and we will see you the next time on The FOGO Life.  Captain Ron and Tina…..OUT!!!


  1. Fill your grill with FOGO Premium Charcoal and prepare for indirect cooking at 450°. Place 2 FOGO fire starters inside the Blazaball and place it on the Kick Ash Basket.  Light and pour the charcoal on top.

For the Biscuits:

  1. Place 3 Cups of flour in a sifter and……sift. Make a well in the center.  Sprinkle the butter pieces all around in the flour and gently stir.  Make another well in the center and add the buttermilk.   Continue to fold until combined.  Do NOT overwork the dough. Once combined, lay a long sheet of wax paper out, flour it and dump the dough on it.
  2. Pull up one side of the paper, lay it on top and gently press down.  Put that side back down and repeat with the other side.  Use your cutter to cut the biscuits and place them in a well-greased cast iron pan. 
  3. Cook until the Biscuits rise and brown on top. Approximately 15-20 minutes.  Remove and dump the pan into a basket to catch the hot biscuits. 

For The Sausage Gravy:

  1. Place a large fry pan over medium high heat and tear up the sausage in pieces and place in the pan. Cook thoroughly until the sausage is browned. 
  2. Sprinkle the flour a bit at a time over the sausage and continue to stir.
  3. Once all of the flour is incorporated, pour half of the milk into the pan. Using a spatula, stir and scrape the bottom to get all of the cooked-on flour up.  Add more milk a bit at a time while steadily stirring.  Stop at 3 cups if you like a thicker gravy or add all 4 cups if you like it thinner.  If it is too thin, continue to  cook and it will thicken.  Once it is almost to the desired consistency, add the pepper and Sunshine State of Mind, stir. 
  4. When it is all combined, remove the pan from the heat.

For the pork loin:

  1. Remove excess fat from the loin. Sprinkle with Notorious PIG rub and insert the Meater+ thermometer in the center of the meat. Place on the grate next to the biscuit pan and cook until it has reached 145°.  Remove from the grill and slice thinly on the bias.


Pull a biscuit open to separate the top from the bottom and place it on a plate.  Top each half with a slice of pork and pour a heavy amount of gravy over the top.  Enjoy!


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