Caveman Ribeye Steak seared directly on the FOGO Coals

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    Red Meat

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    <1 hour

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    Serves 1

In the Top 10 Foods everyone needs to have tried is the Caveman Steak! 

This technique is known as caveman steak, dirty steak, or Eisenhower steak. The legend goes President Eisenhower just loved himself a nice 4in Bone-in Ribeye cooked directly on the hot coals. 

But remember, for this to be safe only use all natural lump charcoal like FOGO Charcoal

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    Ingredients for Caveman Ribeye Steak


    Prepare the steak by brushing with olive oil and sprinkling on some kosher salt and black pepper. Use the salt liberally because this is what helps give the steak a nice crust.

    Ready to hit the hot grill, sprinkled with Kosher Salt and freshly ground Pepper

    The most important step to a great caveman steak is to create a very hot bed of coals. The charcoal is your number 1 ingredient and makes all the difference, it influences the entire flavor composition of your meal, make sure to choose an all natural hardwood lump, enhancing the flavor of the steak cooked directly on it. You do not want much of the charcoal to be black (unlit) because those pieces will act as a shield against the meat and keep it from getting a crust in that spot. Use a chimney and get your coals going then spread them out to make a nice bed for the steak. Once the coals are nice and hot, fan them to get any stray ash off of the top of the coals. Lay the seasoned steak directly on the charcoal and let it cook for about 6 minutes per side.

    Caveman Dirty Ribeye Steak directly on the hot coals

    This is all dependent on the size and thickness of the steak and how you like your steak. You can measure the temperature with an internal temperature thermometer to get close to your desired temperature. For medium-rare, you will want to remove the steak about 5 degrees under. Medium-rare is 130 degrees fahrenheit, so when the steak reaches 125-127 degrees fahrenheit, remove the steak and the carryover heat will get it to 130 degrees, a perfect medium-rare.  You can flip the steak using long tongs to get a nice crust and measure the temperatures as needed with an internal temperature thermometer to ensure the proper cooking temperature.  Make sure to rest the steak for about 5 minutes. Add a small slice of butter on top of the steak while it is resting to add richness and moisture to the perfectly cooked steak.

    Perfect Medium Rare and Crust for days on this Caveman Ribeye Steak


    Steak Internal Temperature Guide

    Rare: 125°F

    Medium Rare: 130°F

    Medium: 140°F

    Medium Well: 150°F

    Well Done: 160°F


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