Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings

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I love chicken wings and my whole family loves them too. I haven’t found a restaurant that has become my go-to for wings, as I usually find them soggy, underwhelming and not really all that good tasting. So I thought, why don’t I do them at home on the grill?

Now I love crispy wings. But as I’m trying to stick to some of my New Year resolutions, I wanted to find an alternative to deep fried chicken wings that would still be crispy.  This recipe did it for me, and it only took about 40 minutes! And they turned out very very crispy. My wife couldn’t believe these chicken wings were not deep fried! Her reaction was hilarious (next time I promise I'll take a video for you guys! Haha!). Check the video below, it’s easy!

Video Recipe


  1. If you have the time put the wings on a wire rack, pat them dry with paper towels and leave them in your fridge uncovered to fully dry overnight. Mix the salt and pepper with the baking powder and cover the wings with the mix until fully coated (add some more baking powder if you feel it needs some more). This will ensure you’ll get the crispy finish we all love.
  2. When you’re ready to cook, fire up your FOGO charcoal! Wait for the grill to heat up  to 425F Degrees and grill the wings on indirect heat for approximate 20 minutes. Check the wings and turn them over, after another 15 min keep an eye on the wings to make sure they have a golden crispy crust but that they’re not getting burnt.
  3. While waiting for the wings to be ready, you can prepare the awesome buffalo sauce. This is an easy recipe, just mix all the ingredients together in a hot pan.
  4. That’s it! This is an easy and fast recipe to do in your upcoming watch-party or any other get-together. This has become my go-to chicken wing recipe. Hope you enjoy them as much as my wife did! (seriously that’s all she asks for now!)

FOGO tip: To keep the wings as crisp as possible, only toss them on the sauce right before serving! 

For a complete meal plan for this upcoming Super Bowl, check out our top 5 Super Bowl recipes. I strongly recommend the jalapeno poppers, they’re just as easy and delicious as these chicken wings!

Let me know in the comments if you tried the recipe and how it went!


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