Grilled Artichokes with Lemon Aioli

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It isn’t often that we go out to dinner, but when we do, we are pretty picky about where to go and what to eat.  It is very common for us to leave satisfied but knowing that I could have made something similar at home but far better and far less expensive than what we ate.  Other times I have something that I fall in love with and want to try to duplicate at home because it was so delicious.  These grilled artichokes are just such an example. 

While dining at the local Cheesecake Factory, I encountered such a dish.  Their grilled artichoke appetizer was a real winner in my book and I just knew I had to try it.  It took me a few attempts and many check ins with my good friend Google, but I got it to where I am very satisfied with the final product.  It is really easy to do and they are just filled with fantastic flavor.  You can make whatever changes you’d like to make it your own but this is how we have really come to enjoy them.

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  1. Prepare your grill for direct grilling with a medium hot fire.
  2. Combine all of the ingredients for the aioli and place it in the refrigerator for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  3. Trim the bottom off of the artichoke stems and use a peeler to remove the outer layer.  Next, snip all of the pointy tips of the artichokes leaves and cut the top off as well.  Hold it by the stem and push down onto your work surface to spread out the leaves.  This will allow the steam to get in there better and cook the ‘chokes quicker.  Place your trimmed artichokes in the steamer and cook for approximately 15-20 minutes.  They are done when the outer leaves will pull off with little effort. 
  4. Remove the artichokes and scoop out the hairy inside as well as some of the smaller inner leaves that will have little to no meat on them.
  5. Spray the entire artichoke with cooking oil and season with the seasoning of your choice.  Make sure you have nice clean grates on your grill.  Take a paper towel, dip it in some cooking oil and using tongs, give the grates a nice coat of oil.  Place the artichokes on the grill and let them sit until you begin to get some nice visible grill marks on the artichoke. 
  6. Once they have a nice slight char, flip them over and allow the other side to char a bit.  You do not want to over cook them, this is simply to add a nice grilled flavor.
  7. Remove the artichokes and place them on a plate or platter.  Place some of the lemon aioli in the “well” of the artichoke where the hairy part was or place it in a separate small bowl.  Simply remove a leaf from the outside, dip the thicker end of the leaf in the aioli, then place the thick end between your teeth and pull the leaf out of your mouth, scraping the “meat” off with your teeth.  Continue until all of the leaves are gone.  Wait!  You’re not done.  Now comes the best part, the “choke” itself.  This is the meaty part that the leaves were attached to and is the tastiest part of this delicious treat.  Dip it and eat it. Even the top of the stem is edible and incredibly delicious!

These tasty treats are great as an appetizer or you can make enough to make it a meal.  I know that my family and our friends always enjoy these treats and I hope yours will as well.  Let me know if you make these.  Tag me in your social media posts too, my Instagram link is below and I’d love to see what you’ve got cooking!

Thanks so much for joining us and look forward to what we have coming for you the next time on…..The FOGO Life!


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