Grilled Chicken over Pineapple Fried Rice

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A Must-Try Dish From Southeast Asia with FOGO

Do you like fried rice? Prepare to love this recipe inspired in a signature dish from Southeast Asia. The combination of the grilled asian-style chicken with the pineapple rice will make your mouth water. 

For this recipe we recommend using this spider accessory.

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Mix all ingredients together and put in a gallon zip lock bag with the chicken. Marinate for 2 hours or overnight.

preparing the chicken marinade

Light your grill and aim for 350-400 degrees. When the lid is open, it will get hotter than that 350, but this is a good starting point. Place the chicken over the grate and cook until its internal temperature reaches about 175 degrees. Once it is done remove the chicken from the grill. 

marinated chicken over Fogo Lump Charcoal

Cook 1-2 cups of jasmine or long grain rice. After it is cooked, lay it out on a backing sheet to cool. Fried rice cooks better if the rice is dried out, so leftover rice from the day before works even better. We cooked our rice in a rice cooker to make it easy, but you can do it on the stovetop and follow the directions on the bag.

laying the rice to cool it down

Next you want to have everything ready because the cooking on the grill will go very fast. The French call this mise en place, which means put in place. Every ingredient should be prepped and put in its place so you can add ingredients quickly. Put everything in separate bowls to make it easy to add to the wok. The bell pepper and onion can be in the same bowl since they will be added at the same time.

preparing the ingredients for the fried rice

Place a grate or a spider accessory in the grill to gold the wok to preheat it. The spider works great because you can move the wok around the hole in the accessory.

placing the spider accessory over Fogo Lump Charcoal

Once the wok as heated up a little, add 2 tablespoons of canola oil and the garlic. Before the garlic cooks too much and fries, add the onion and bell pepper. Stir well and let cook for 3-4 minutes before adding the vegetables. Add the vegetables and stir. Next add the pineapple. The sugars from the pineapple will cook down and caramelize a little.

starting to cook the fried rice ingredients over Fogo Lump Charcoal 

Make a small hole in the middle of the wok for the eggs. Whisk together 4 eggs and place them in that hole. Let them cook without touching them for a few minutes.

adding the eggs

You can use chopsticks at this point to stir it so you don't break up the egg too much. You can also cook the egg on the edge of the wok instead of the middle, especially if there is a lot of liquid from the onion and bell pepper in the bottom.

stirring the ingredients with chopsticks 

Once the egg has mostly cooked, add the rice and stir with chopsticks to incorporate. You may need to add a little more oil here to help fry the rice, but this is a preference and you can make this as healthy as you choose.  Cook for a few minutes, then add the soy sauce and stir. This will give it a darker color. Add as much or as little as you like. You can always serve it with a side of soy sauce so everyone can choose their level of saltiness.

adding the rice and the soy sauce to the ingredients 

Add in the sesame oil, cashews, and green onion and remove from the heat. Give it one good stir and then serve hot!

adding the cashews to the fried rice

Place the chicken in the wok on top and use the wok as a serving dish. Serve with a side of soy sauce and sriracha in case your guests want some spice. Enjoy!

grilled chicken pineapple fried rice ready to serve


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