Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers

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    Serves 6

Right in time for Super Bowl LII

These grilled bacon wrapped, cheese stuffed Jalapeno Poppers are a definitive crowd pleaser. Quick and easy to do, we recommend them as appetizer for the Big Game or your next Tailgate. 

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recipe starting ingredients

Slice off the ends of the jalapeños and then slice in half.

slicing the jalapeños in half

Remove the seeds and ribs of the jalapeño with a spoon but try to maintain the shape so the mixture stays inside the jalapeños.

preparing the peppers

Mix cream cheese and a few tablespoons of pepper jelly together in a bowl. This is easier if the cream cheese is not directly out of the refrigerator and is not as firm. Or you can jump right in and use your hands or a potato masher to mix all of it together. I always make extra of this mixture because it is a great snack when spread on a cracker. You could get by with 8 oz of cream cheese for the jalapeños if you had to.  

preparing the filling

mixing the filling

Spread cheese/pepper jelly mixture into the jalapeño, sprinkle with some black pepper, and top with cheddar cheese. 

filling the jalapeños

filled jalapeños

sprinkling the filled jalapeños with cheddar cheese

Wrap each jalapeño half with a slice of bacon and hold it together with two toothpicks.  

bacon wrapping the filled jalapeños

holding the jalapeño poppers with a toothpick

delicious bacon wrapped jalapeño poppers

Grill at 400 degrees with indirect heat for 7-10 minutes. You can always put them over direct heat to crisp up a little if needed. All you have to do it cook the bacon and heat up the cheese, as everything else is ready to eat. Try to keep a little crunch in the jalapeño and do not over cook. Enjoy hot with some ranch dressing as a dipping sauce. 


grilling the jalapeño poppers

grilling the jalapeño poppers



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  • One of our favorite appetizers! So delicious with Unicoi Preserves award winning Apple Cider Pepper Spread!

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