Juicy Iberico Double Pork Chops

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Welcome back to the last episode of my Iberico series! To finish off with a BAM! I’m going to be grilling these amazing Iberico Double Pork Chops. If you haven’t seen the first two Iberico recipes, make sure to check them out here: Secreto Iberico and Iberico Pork Ribs

For this video’s Double Pork Chops, I’ve learned that with such a high quality pork I have to keep it simple with the seasoning and not overdo it. So today all I will need to do the pork will be salt and pepper. On the side I’m going to be doing some roasted vegetables with apples, but the kick to it is that I’m gonna cook it with the fat that renders from the pork chops. 

Let’s get that fire started…

Video Recipe 


  1. Light up your charcoal, let the temperature rise up to 225F.
  2. Peel and cut the sweet potatoes into 1 inch pieces.
  3. Cut your apples into 8 slices each and remove the core.
  4. Cut the red onion into ½ inch slices.
  5. Combine the sweet potatoes, onions and apples in a cast iron pan, drizzle some olive oil and add salt and pepper to taste. Put your skillet on your grill to get the vegetables started. 
  6. Season the Pork Chops with salt and pepper
  7. Place a rack or grate on top of your vegetables and place the Pork Chops on it. Let them cook until they reach an internal temperature of 125F. You’ll notice that some of the fat will start to render and drip down into the vegetables, that’s what we’re looking for!
  8. Once the Pork hits 125F take it off, and open all the vents on your grill for the temperature to come up. You can leave the vegetables on during that time so that they finish cooking. 
  9. Remove the vegetables from the grill once they are nice and roasted. 
  10. When the grill reaches high heat temperatures (550F to 600F), sear the Pork Chops for about a minute on each side, until you get the color and crust desired. In my case I like to get a bit of char. 
  11. Let the Pork rest for about 5 mins, in order to preserve all those nice fatty juices. Cut and enjoy! 

Juiciest piece of Pork I’ve ever had… 

After letting them rest, these Pork Chops smell and look fantastic. I start by cutting it off the bone, and it cuts up cleanly. As I slice it I see it’s cooked perfectly at medium, a little bit pink and juicy. As I take a slice, the juices are just dripping - then the first bite is just incredible, it’s creamy and buttery. 

I definitely recommend you guys give Iberico a try, this series has opened up my eyes to the best Pork out there. 

Have you guys given it a try? Let me know in the comments 


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  • Good Morning!
    Planning to put on a beef brisket that’s been marinading for 24 hours. It’s 3.2 pounds, small one being it’s the first time for one. I plan to rub it as well. Can you share your cooking temps and cook time along with any tips you might have. Thanks Sebastian! Have a r great weekend. Stay well!💕🎣

    LInda Lombardi
  • Sebastian , love this receipt, however, I need that Top-Grill you used over the vegetables to slow cook the chops first!
    Do you have them for sale ?
    Know where i can get one?

    robert capasso
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