Let’s Smoke a Fatty…A TRIPLE PORK FATTY that is…

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    Serves 4-6

When we made plans to go and cook with Tina Cannon at her compound up in Georgia, we knew that we just had to come up with something unique, fun and most importantly, tasty!  Well, we brainstormed and threw around ideas and nothing seemed right.  Then, in a moment of clarity, it came to us….a triple pork fatty.. Yes, that’s right, a pork on pork on pork pile of deliciousness that would not only be delicious, but would be stunning to look at.  SO, the triple pork, bacon weaved fatty was born.

This dish is not for the faint of heart.  No sir.  This is for the person who wants to taste something and devour a meal that will stick to your bones and cure what ails you.  The center is made up of delicious sausage links that are covered in cheese.  Then, those are wrapped in seasoned ground pork.  For the ultimate finish, this glorious hunk of porky goodness is wrapped tight in a bacon weave which is then basted with nothing less than maple syrup.  See, I told you! This is not for the meek or faint hearted.  This is a real stick to you bones kind of meal that will require a solid nap after consuming.  Trust me, it is worth it.

Captain Ron and Tina Cannon had such a great time cooking together all day that we cannot wait to do more together.  They cooked three different dishes that day, including a whole hog.  Did you see that video?  NO?  Here is a link- https://youtu.be/gYvQKqyuOHI Don’t miss that one, it was one of our favorites.  They both agreed, as did everyone else that was there that this dish won the best bite of the day award.  Considering everything that they cooked, that is really saying something.  If you are not familiar with who Tina Cannon is, she is a member of #TeamFOGO and was a competitor on Food Networks BBQ Brawl, the winner of season one on Netflix’s BBQ competition, BBQ Brawl and is a World Champion BBQ chef, amassing over 350 awards and trophies over the span of her cooking career.  Not only that but Tina loves to give back.  She donates her time and cooks for her local chapter of Meals on Wheels and will cook over 52,000 meals for the elderly and folks and the needy in her area.  We are proud to be associated with her.


  1. Fill your grill with FOGO Premium Charcoal and prepare for indirect grilling at 350°.  Add 3-4 Bourbon Barrel chunks just before putting the food on to cook.
  2. Lay out a piece of wax paper.  Season the ground pork with the Tina Cannon Seasoning. Flatten the pork into a rectangle on the wax paper and put down a layer of each cheese, leaving a ½-1” border around the edges.  
  3. Place your sausage links across the middle in a pyramid shape.  Cover the sausage tower with cheese.
  4. Grab one side of the wax paper and fold it over the top of the sausage.  Grab the other side of the wax paper and fold so that the two ends overlap on top.  Peel back the wax paper and form it into a loaf.  Press down all over and make sure that it is sealed all the way around, front to back and side to side sealage.
  5. Lay out another piece of wax paper and make your bacon weave.  Start by laying one piece of bacon along the bottom of the paper.  This is the width of the weave, you are using this as a guide.  Lay slices of bacon perpendicular to the guide slice, butting them right up against each other until you have them laid out for the full length of the guide slice.  Next, fold every other slice back a few inches.  Lay one slice of bacon along the bottom edge of the unfolded slices and fold the other slices back down over it.  Now, fold the other slices back and lay another slice just above the first one.  Fold the folded slices back down.  Continue this pattern until the weave is complete.  Admire your bacon weave because you are awesome.
  6. Place the pork fatty in the center of the weave, upside down.  Lift the ends of the wax paper so the weave covers the fatty and flip it over so that the bacon weave is now on top.  Remove all of the wax paper and straighten any pieces that may have come out of place.  Tuck all edges underneath the fatty.
  7. Sprinkle the top with more Tina Cannon rub.  Place the fatty on the Drip-n-Griddle pan and fill the pan halfway with water, apple juice or any other liquid that you choose.
  8. Place it in the center of the grate on your preheated grill.  Put the Meater+ thermometer in the center of the fatty, close the dome and cook until it hits 140°.  At that point, coat the fatty with maple syrup, close the lid and continue to cook until it is 150-155° in the center.
  9. Carefully remove the fatty from the grill and allow it to rest for 10-15 minutes before carving.  Cut the fatty into slices and serves with extra maple syrup if anyone would like it.
  10. ENJOY!  You just smoked a fatty!


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