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Reverse Sear Caveman-Style Steak over Fogo Charcoal

This is a great technique to get a perfect steak with an amazing crust. Using a reverse sear on a thick steak like this one ensures that the steak will have your desired temperature throughout when finished. The Maillard reaction comes alive in this method.  This is probably the most pure form of cooking you can achieve. Don’t worry-- with the FOGO charcoal you have no ash on your food-- just great flavor on your steak.



Season your steak on both sides thoroughly with the rub.

Seasoned NY Strip

Place your steak in your grill or oven on a low heat (around 200-275 degrees). You want to cook the steak until it’s about 10-15 degrees from your desired finished temperature.

When your meat’s temperature is nearing the desired internal temp, it’s time to start preparing the coals. You will want some nice big pieces in the middle of the grill. You are looking to get them white hot.

FOGO Closeup
When your steak reaches temperature you will place it directly on the hot coals. This is where it gets fun-- watching the flames dance around your steak and listening to the fire create the perfect crust.

NY Strip over Fogo Charcoal

Total Cooking cooking time on the charcoal will be about 5-6 minutes. You will want to flip the steak every 30-45 seconds to help build that crust

Pull your steak off and let rest for about ten minutes before slicing. Enjoy!

Finished NY Strip steak

Sliced NY Strip steak



Recipe by Adam McKenzie (@ThisJewCanQue)

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