Smoke-A-Fried Ribs

Smoke-A-Fried Ribs: A Flavorful Collaboration on the Big Green Egg

In the world of BBQ and culinary experimentation, few things are as exciting as witnessing two masters of their craft join forces to create something extraordinary. Recently, the barbecue community was treated to such an event when Captain Ron and Tina Cannon teamed up to make Smoke-A-Fried Ribs on a Big Green Egg. This unique cooking method combines the rich, smoky flavor of traditional barbecue with the crispy, golden finish of frying, resulting in a rib experience like no other.

A Tale of Two Culinary Maestros

Captain Ron and Tina Cannon are both well-respected figures in the barbecue world, each bringing their unique flair and expertise to the table. Captain Ron, known for his adventurous spirit and innovative cooking techniques, is a master of the Big Green Egg. His approach to barbecue is all about pushing boundaries and exploring new flavors, making him a perfect partner for this culinary experiment.

Tina Cannon, on the other hand, is celebrated for her precision and deep understanding of barbecue traditions. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to perfecting her craft have earned her a loyal following. Together, they bring a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition, making their collaboration on Smoke-A-Fried Ribs a match made in barbecue heaven.

The Process: Smoke Meets Fry

The process of creating Smoke-A-Fried Ribs is as fascinating as the end result. It begins with smoking the ribs on the Big Green Egg for 3 1/2 hours. This step is crucial for infusing the meat with that unmistakable smoky flavor that barbecue enthusiasts crave. The Big Green Egg, with its ability to maintain consistent temperatures and impart a deep, rich smoke, is the perfect tool for this part of the process.

Captain Ron and Tina Cannon take great care in selecting the right wood for smoking, opting for Barrel Proof Bourbon Barrel Smoking chunks. These will enhance the natural flavor of the ribs without overpowering them. The ribs are seasoned to perfection and placed in the smoker, where they slowly cook and absorb the aromatic smoke. The anticipation builds as the ribs transform, their surface taking on a beautiful, caramelized hue.

Once the ribs have reached smoky perfection, it's time for the second, unexpected step: frying. The ribs are carefully removed from the smoker and given a brief rest before being lowered into hot vegetable oil for 1-2 minutes. This quick fry adds a crispy exterior that contrasts wonderfully with the tender, smoky meat inside.

A Culinary Revelation

The result of this innovative cooking method is nothing short of a revelation. The Smoke-A-Fried Ribs offer a unique texture and flavor profile that captivates the senses. The initial crunch of the fried exterior gives way to the succulent, smoky meat within, creating a multi-layered eating experience that is both satisfying and intriguing.

Captain Ron and Tina Cannon's collaboration on this dish highlights the endless possibilities of barbecue. By combining traditional smoking techniques with the unexpected twist of frying, they've created a dish that challenges conventions and delights the palate. It's a testament to their creativity and expertise, and a reminder that even the most beloved culinary traditions can be reinvented and elevated.

A Must-Try for Barbecue Lovers

For those who love barbecue and are always on the lookout for new and exciting recipes, Smoke-A-Fried Ribs are a must-try. The collaboration between Captain Ron and Tina Cannon is a shining example of how creativity and expertise can come together to produce something truly special. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a barbecue novice, this dish is sure to impress and inspire.

So fire up your Big Green Egg, gather your ingredients, and embark on a culinary adventure with Captain Ron and Tina Cannon's Smoke-A-Fried Ribs. Your taste buds will thank you.  Just remember, when using oil near flames, be VERY careful!  If you should get an oil fire, simply close the lid to the grill and shut down all of the vents.


Simply leave us a comment on the YouTube video about what your favorite ribs to cook are and you’ll be entered to win a bag of charcoal as well as a bottle of Tina’s new pork rub, All Porked Up! You must live in the USA AND be subscribed to our channel to qualify.  Good luck!!!

We hope that you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.  It s always a pleasure to film these videos with friends and we really appreciate Tina and Bobby for having us up to their house.  They are super people, and we are proud to have them in the FOGO Family.  Enjoy the ribs, enter the contest, remember to get out and grill and we will see you the next time on The FOGO Life!  Captain Ron and Tina Cannon…….OUT!!!


  1. Fill your grill with FOGO Charcoal, light it with FOGO Firestarters and a Blazaball and prepare for indirect cooking at 250°.
  2. Place your ribs in the BBQ Prep Tub. If your ribs have a membrane, peel it off of the back of the ribs.  Use your BBQ rub to fully coat the ribs on top, bottom and even the sides.  Set aside while you add some smoking chunks! 
  3. Remove the grate and deflector from the grill. Add 3-4 Bourbon Barrel Smoking Chunks in and directly around the burning coals and return the deflector and grate.
  4. Set the ribs, bone side down on the grate and allow them to smoke at 250° for 3 ½ hours. They should be at 195° internal temperature. Once they are at temp, remove the ribs from the grill.
  5. Next step is to fry the ribs. You can do this on the grill with a wok or Grilling Dutch Oven.  If you do it on the grill, USE EXTREME CAUTION!!!  Spilling oil could catch fire and create a bad problem, quickly.  Whichever way you choose to fry the ribs, heat your oil until it is 350-375°. 
  6. Using your santoku knife, slice in between the bones to get individual ribs. Lay the ribs out and pat them dry.  Fry the ribs in the hot oil for about 1-2 minutes.  Once done, remove them to a wire rack to cool a bit.
  7. Place all of the ribs in the BBQ Prep Tub and pour your BBQ sauce all over them. Mix to fully coat the ribs.  Now, grab one, take a bite and enjoy the flavors and textures of smoke-a-fried ribs!


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