Sous Vide Ribeye Steak seared in Cast Iron Skillet

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    Red Meat

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    <1 hour

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    Serves 2

Taking Steak to the Next Level

When cooking at home, cooking an even medium-rare steak is near impossible. The tools you have often aren’t as advanced as those in a steakhouse, and while you can cook something medium rare in the middle, the meat toward the surface can become gray and overcooked. With our Sous Vide and FOGO charcoal method, you will get a steak that is evenly cooked, and a dynamite caramelized crust on the outside as good as any restaurant.

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    Prepare the steak by sprinkling kosher salt on the steak and placing 1 sprig of rosemary on each side of the steak. Anything other than salt is just be a surface treatment and can be added after it has cooked.

     Fogo Charcoal, Vortex, Big green egg, The Sous Vide Steakhouse Ribeye

    Vacuum seal the steak or place it in a ziplock and use the water displacement method to remove all of the air from the bag. To do this, lower the bag with steak into the water with the seal open and just before reaching the top, zip it closed so there is minimal air inside the bag.Fogo Charcoal, Vortex, Big green egg, Sous Vide Steakhouse RibeyeUsing an immersion circulator, set the temperature to 129 degrees for medium rare and let the steak cook for at least one hour. Depending on the thickness of the steak, you will need to let it cook longer in the water. This method of cooking makes it nearly foolproof and very easy to cook a steak to the exact doneness you desire.

    Fogo Charcoal, Vortex, Big green egg, Sous Vide Steakhouse Ribeye

    Prepare your grill for direct heat at about 500 degrees and preheat your cast iron skillet.

    Fogo Charcoal, Vortex, Big green egg, Sous Vide Steakhouse RibeyeAdd some rosemary, garlic, and shallots to the pan with some avocado oil or canola oil. These oils have a higher smoke point and work great for high heat searing. Allow these flavors to release into the oil for about a minute before adding the steak. Remove the steak from the bag and pat dry with paper towels. A steak that has a lot of moisture on it will splatter oil everywhere on the skillet and your grill. Sprinkle the steak with a little salt and pepper and sear each side for about 60 seconds, making sure that you do not overcook the steak above your desired temperature by checking it with an internal temperature thermometer. The steak is already fully cooked, so you are just imparting some flavor and getting a crust on the steak for texture and appearance. 

    Fogo Charcoal, Vortex, Big green egg, Sous Vide Steakhouse RibeyeYou should have a perfect medium rare steak edge to edge when finished searing.Fogo Charcoal, Vortex, Big green egg, Sous Vide Steakhouse RibeyeEnjoy! 


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