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Stuffed and Smoked Peppadew Peppers
FRIDAY 11.02.2018

Stuffed, smoked, sweet and spicy – all you need, in one platter.

We thought of a delicious alternative to grilled peppers: Try stuffing and smoking Peppadew Peppers. A South African Pepper delicatessen, these peppers are pickled and come with a signature mild but sweet taste, and can be pretty spicy, too. You can find them preserved and bottled in jars, or at a market in some oil. For this recipe, we used a wood grilling wrap to smoke the peppers. These wraps give a nice, subtle smoke to any food. The result: A new tasty, easy and ready-to-eat appetizer.


Easy guide to delicious flavors

Light the fire and prepare your grill for indirect heat at 300 degrees. Soak the wood wraps in water for 5 minutes and then pat them dry. Meanwhile, stuff the peppers with your cheese of choice. Our suggested mix of cheese for the stuffing: Pimento cheese, cream cheese, and cheese curds. Set the peppers in the grilling wrap and roll it up. To keep it from unrolling, tie it with some butchers twine and then place them on the grill to smoke. Smoke them for 10-15 minutes and remove. Top with some chopped green onion and enjoy!


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