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The Best of Both Worlds!

This is a simple way of making a special dinner, it combines the exquisite flavor of a lobster with a juicy filet mignon. Both, the lobster and the filet mignon, are enhanced with the buttery garlic. Give it a try and comment below to let us know if you liked it!

Oh! and make sure to prepare it with your favorite side dishes to enjoy this recipe even more. 

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    Fire up your grill to 450 degrees with Fogo Charcoal. Prepare the butter mixture by mincing garlic. When chopping the garlic, add some salt to the garlic and use the side of your knife to mash the garlic to create a spread. The grain of the salt helps break down the garlic.

    chopping the garlic

    Finely chop about ¼ cup parsley. Mix the garlic and the parsley with the room temperature butter. Use your hands to make it easier to mix and form into a log so you can cut slices. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate (or freeze for a short amount of time) to make slicing easier.

    mixing the chopped garlic, parsley and the butter

    Prepare the lobster tails by cutting the top of the tail shell with a pair of scissors. Carefully crack the shell so you can remove the meat. Try to keep the shell intact so you can add the meat back into the shell to cook on the grill.

    cutting the lobster tails

    Cut off the little legs on the bottom side of the tail because they will burn. Rinse out the shell and put the meat back into the shell.

    cutting the lobster's little legs

    Add a few slices of the garlic parsley butter into the lobster tail and sprinkle on some Lawry’s seasoned salt and drizzle with lemon juice.

    adding the garlic parsley butter

    Prepare the steak by sprinkling with kosher salt and black pepper.

    preparing the steak with salt and pepper

    Wrap the sides with bacon and use a toothpick to keep the bacon on.

    wrapping the steak with bacon

    Add the steak and lobster to the 450 degree grill over direct heat. Keep the lobsters on the edges so they cook a little slower. A good tip is to tent the lobster with foil so it steams a little and does not dry out. 

    grilling the lobster and the filet mignon

    Cook the lobster until the internal temperature is 140 degrees and the outside of the lobster will turn red. It will take about 10-15 minutes.

    checking the lobster's internal temperature

    The steak will be finished when the internal temperature is 130 degrees for medium rare.

    checking the steak's internal temperature

    Use a slice of the garlic butter and add to the top of the steak towards the end of the cook.

    removing the filet mignon from the grill with the added slice of garlic butter

    Serve the lobster with slices of lemon and the leftover melted garlic butter.

    surf and turf



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