Whole 7 Bone Prime Rib Asado Style

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    Red Meat

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  • Grill Time

    3+ hours

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  • Servings

    Serves 10-15

Picture this: a massive 7-bone Prime Rib, slowing spinning on a rotisserie over an open fire. It's nighttime and the smell from fat dripping onto the hot FOGO Super Premium burning Arteflame Grill is filling the air, while the Prime Rib slowly spins and cooks to perfection Asado-style. Then I add some potatoes, onions, and squash right on the coals.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, it really was. Asado is a style of cooking that comes from Argentina. It is very involved because you constantly have to watch and manage the fire, but you are rewarded with amazing tasting food and a unique way to entertain your friends and family.

I have previously made an episode on how to cook a perfect prime rib on the grill but I wanted to take it a bit further this time, and while looking for open fire cooking recipes, I thought why not cook it Asado style? So in this episode, I cook an entire 7-bone rib roast slowly over an open fire! 

Charcoal Pro-Tip: For today's cook I am going to use FOGO Super Premium and Oak Wood Chunks in an Arteflame grill, I love how it pairs perfectly with the Kanka for this open fire cook.

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Traditionally, Asado has very little seasoning. The Gauchos only use coarse salt. 

  1. Season the Prime Rib with coarse salt and a bit of pepper.
  2. Set the meat in the rotisserie stick. I have this rotisserie add on you can use with any grill called Kanka, it works perfectly for a large cut of meat like this. The rotisserie will constantly turn the meat ensuring even cooking temperatures and baste the meat in its own juices. 
  3. Since it's open-fire cooking, you can't set the temperature and forget, you constantly have to watch the fire, add charcoal or wood and raise or lower the meat depending on the speed that you want to cook at. I want to cook this Rib roast slowly so that I can get a perfect medium-rare finish.
  4. For my Asado style slow-roasted prime rib, it took about 3 hours and a half hours until the meat reached an internal temperature of 115 degrees and I removed it from the spit.
  5. Since you have a nice fire going, throw some potatoes, onions, and squash right into the coals. Yes! It will burn the outside, but it doesn't matter, the inside will be perfectly cooked and you can scope out the potato-like a baked potato, and the onions will simply fall apart with amazing flavor. Onions take about 15-20min, potatoes take longer, depending on size calculate between 30-45min. 

It’s all about that charcoal smoky flavor...

The caveman style potatoes, onions and squash were so full of taste. Don’t worry about the charred pieces outside, you won’t eat them. You will just eat the perfectly cooked interior.

You can either cut it as prime rib into pieces by taking off the bone (cut alongside the bone which is easily removed) and then cut into nice small slices to serve to your friends. Prime rib style, with a perfect medium rare.

For me, crust is flavor, so I would personally cut into 1 inch and a half thick individual steaks to sear them to get more of an amazing crust. For me, this beats the regular prime rib style 100%!

This cook was about taking your life fire cooking to the next level. You can do this meal way simpler and easier, making baked potatoes on the oven or just putting the prime rib on your grill. Cooking over open fire cooking really demands a lot of your attention, but you are rewarded with all that flavor and smoky taste. And man, is it fun. 

Have you ever tried Asado style cooking? Let me know in the comments!


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