Upgrade your Big Green Egg with a Rutland Gasket

It can be argued that there are not many ways to improve the Big Green Egg. The one area that we have found that it is possible is with the gaskets. The gaskets are there to create a seal and keep the heat and smoke from leaking out when the dome is closed. The gaskets come from BGE as felt strips around the top and bottom edges of the base and the dome. These tend to wear out over time and need replacing. Especially if you do a clean burn, it is a sure way to ruin the original gasket. There is a replacement gasket out there called the Rutland Gasket. It is a fiberglass “rope” gasket that only attaches to the base of the Egg and doesn’t require one on the dome. We were able to locate the gasket, precut to size and great instructions provided with it from a gentleman named Ron Pratt. He has been cutting and selling these gaskets for years and has helped thousands of Egg owners to upgrade from their OEM BGE gaskets. We hope that you find this video helpful as it takes you step by step through the installation process. It is easier than you think and is supposed to provide years of not having to change the gasket.


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