FOGO Argentinian Quebracho Lump Charcoal
[Discontinued] FOGO Argentinian Quebracho Charcoal
[Discontinued] FOGO Argentinian Quebracho Charcoal
FOGO Argentinian Quebracho Lump Charcoal
[Discontinued] FOGO Argentinian Quebracho Charcoal
[Discontinued] FOGO Argentinian Quebracho Charcoal

[Discontinued] FOGO Argentinian Quebracho Charcoal

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Charcoal made from the Quebracho tree may be contributing to the deforestation of the Paraguayan Chaco, one of the last great wilderness areas in the world.

At FOGO, we believe that sustainability is just as important as the quality of product we deliver. For this reason, we have decided to discontinue our Quebracho charcoal.

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More than twice as big as California, The Gran Chaco is the second largest forest in South America, behind only the Amazon rainforest. The biome extends over Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Brazil, bringing together more than 50 different ecosystems united by the same pattern of vegetation and climate.

However, it is one of the most deforested areas on the planet with 133 square miles being lost every month. This is mainly since The Chaco woodlands have been gradually replaced with cropland and ranches. Deforestation has increased so much in the last years, that the average rate of lost native vegetation in Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia is of 1 Acre per minute.

El Chacho in the year 2000

El Chaco in the year 2019

At FOGO we believe that sustainability is as important as the quality of the product we offer. FOGO lump charcoal is responsibly sourced from El Salvador where it is produced from pruned wood taken from the Inga trees used to shade the country’s coffee crop.

Not being able to verify that the Quebracho was being manufactured in a sustainable way, we have taken the decision to discontinue it.

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Customer Reviews

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Great charcoal, greater cause

Is disappointed as I was to see that this amazing charcoal that has a long burn, great flavor, and huge pieces was discontinued -makes me happy that they did it for the right reason, and stuck to their cause of sustainably and responsibly getting their wood. What a great company that puts their mission first, I will continue to use their products and be proud of it!

Customer (Los Angeles, US)
Best charcoal always out of stock

Love this charcoal but this is why I stopped shopping Fogo because it is always out of stock.

Ben (Minneapolis, US)
Sold out

I love the quebracho charcoal,and would love to buy a bag. You've been sold out for months but keep advertising it. When will it be back in stock.

Ryan Leal (Rockwall, US)

Great burning charcoal that was mostly large chunks!

Dustin S. (Colorado Springs, US)
Definitely Dense Compared to Others

I mostly use super premium gold bags. This wood makes that feel like foam — it’s definitely a more compact wood. Still using the other for its flavor but some of this one keeps some of the hot coals available longer. Good for long cooks, especially reverse searing when you need a hot fire at the end of a cook.

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