FOGO all-natural lump charcoal for your caveman style cooking!

Caveman style is a showstopper, and you can do this at home!

We did this for Florida Gulf Coast Eggfest and won First Place in People's Choice Award! Its simple, all you need is: Charcoal, 12 oz New York Strip and FOGO The Rub. Find the instructions here.

Cook with all natural lump charcoal

To create FOGO lump charcoal, we use tree trimmings coming from coffee plantation maintenance. This wood if not used would otherwise be considered as waste.

El Salvador ● Mexico  ●  Nicaragua

Chemical-free and safe for your food

We use an artisanal clay oven method to produce our lump charcoal. Making it a chemical-free, all-natural product. Safe to use with your food in any type of grill.

El Salvador ● Mexico  ●  Nicaragua

Our Products

Premium Lump Charcoal
Perfect for everyday grilling.

Consistent medium sized pieces provide more surface area, making it easy to reach high searing temperatures.

Special FOGO hardwood blend helps reach those temperatures in a shorter amount of time.

Made from 100% hardwoods and crafted to the perfect size for your high heat cooks.

The perfect blend of hardwoods that lights fast and lasts long.

super Premium Lump Charcoal
Perfect for smoking and low and slow.

Hand-picked large pieces. Great for big charcoal grills or any ceramic grill.

Large size Lump gives more surface area from each piece which helps with longer burning times.

Perfect blend of hardwoods allow a fast lighting time and long duration.

Large size lumps give better airflow for temperature control.

FOGO Premium Charcoal
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