FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB
FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB
FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB
FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB
FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB
FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB
FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB
FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB

FOGO Premium (Black Bag) Lump Charcoal - 35LB

$ 45.95

The all medium-size lump charcoal for everyday grilling

For everyday grilling of grill-and-eat foods like steak, burgers, chicken, etc., you don't need any over-sized chunks of lump charcoal that are really better suited for long, low-and-slow cooking. And, you don't want the smaller pieces that don't last, either. That's why, for everyday grilling, we offer our Premium Lump Charcoal, which consists of all medium-size pieces. And, like all FOGO lump charcoal, it's made from a special blend of Inga wood so it will impart that award winning. FOGO flavor to everything you cook!


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easy lighting, hot burning

All FOGO Lump Charcoal is made from a special blend of Inga wood. Inga wood offers just the right hardness/density for easier lighting and hot burning performance.


Other lump charcoal is over-cooked during production, robbing the charcoal of its unique, wood-fire flavor. FOGO’s artisanal production process maintains the aromatic essence of the Inga wood ensuring your food will have far more flavor.

IDEAL FOR CERAMIC (and other charcoal) GRILLS

Use in your Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Primo or any kamado-style ceramic grill or any other charcoal grill for grilling steaks, burgers, chicken and all other grill-and-eat foods.

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Customer Reviews

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Randy Survant (Norfolk, US)
Great product!

Love these specialty charcoals. Clean burn, with no harsh flavors found in most briquettes or lesser quality lump charcoal, Great product delivery through direct shipments; the order through delivery is timely. The products arrive with very little breakage of the lump charcoal compared to locally purchased products that get “over handle and lumps broken do to over handling in bulk shipment and retail merchandising .

Andrew Swank (Summerville, US)

Great for week night grilling. Efficient and heats up fast.

R.G. (Chapin, US)
Clean burning

Burns clean and hot. Lasts a pretty good while. I use this for all types of cooks. Lights quickly as well!

Daniel G. (Washington, US)
Listened to FedEx dumping my bag on my brick porch

The most recent delivered bag was extremely broken up due to poor handling by FedEx. I learned of this after emptying my belated up bag of less than premium lump. The shipper didn’t appear to be overly concerned about FedEx abusing my shipment.

randy pomikahl (Austin, US)
Fogo Charcoal

Simply the best flavor out there

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