Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat
Vortex (In)direct Heat

Vortex (In)direct Heat

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Enhance your charcoal cooking experience! Whether you're looking for the perfect searing zone, high OR low indirect heat, or a charcoal bank deflector, let the Vortex™ do the work

4 cooking methods

INDIRECT - Low & Slow Cooking/Smoking

The Vortex can redirect the flow of heat up and around the meat which can turn your kettle into a true indirect ‘smoker’. Vortex goes Wide-End up. 

- Lump Charcoal go around the perimeter onto the fire grate.
- Place meat directly over Vortex in the center.
- The coals are lit on one end and snake/minion their way around the kettle.
- The Vortex shape acts as the deflector for direct heat which is different than snaking the charcoal without the Vortex

DIRECT - High Heat Searing

This is your searing option. Picture the back of a jet engine where the fire is shooting out of the exhaust cones. This is how you will get that intense sear result.

- Load up the Vortex Narrow Side Up. Let coals set.
- Put steak or chop directly over the fire for about a minute per side. It will have a very nice sear across the whole steak, not just where the grate marks are happening. The Maillard Reaction is able to occur across surface area of the whole steak/ chop rather than just where the grate is touching the meat.
- Once seared on both sides. Move off to perimeter where steak/ chop can INDIRECTLY come up to preferred temp. Also, try searing at the end of the cook for a reverse sear.

INDIRECT-DIRECT - High Heat Indirect Cooking

It all started in an effort to get ‘fried-like’ skin on chicken wings. The Vortex create a high heat that is directed upwards then radiates down around the kettle lid creating an EVEN high heat.

- Load up the Vortex Narrow Side Up. Let charcoal ash over.
- Put meat around perimeter. If smoke flavor is desired, place a tennis ball sized chunk directly over Vortex onto grill grate.

This method allows the chicken around the perimeter can get fried-like skin without getting the burn marks that happen while grilling wings directly. The heat increases enough to crisp skin without any direct flame. This is not unlike setting your fire off to one side of your kettle, the only difference with the Vortex would be an even amount of heat for every piece around the perimeter as opposed to the ones closest to the fire. No need for rotating or extra flipping

INFRARED - Radiant Heat

Due to the grate-to-lid height on a kettle, making an upright (or ‘beer can’) chicken can be difficult to cook in an 18.5” or 22.5” kettle.

This is a method that allows a perfect roasted protein without the need for an expensive rotisserie or having to spatchcock the bird before cooking. The Vortex deflects the direct heat while radiating high heat and giving your food the outdoor cooking flavor.

- Place Vortex wide-end up with a piece of foil in the bottom to block the air flow as well as catch drippings.
- Place bird or small roast on the beer-can holder (with or without liquid in it).
- Pour a chimney full of lighted charcoal equally around the Vortex and close the lid.
- Let the chicken/roast come up to temp while rotating the exhaust (kettle only) 45 degrees every 20 mins.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tony Forns (Louisville, US)

Great service!
Great products!

Tobey G (Seattle, US)
Vortex Review

So, I’ve grilled wings with and without the Vortex and I have to say that it works as advertised. I was able to get high radiant heat and wasn’t worried about the wings in proximity to the fire. It’s not that I can’t do wings as effectively as Ron did in his Vortex demo video on YouTube without it, but it’s a bit easier with it. I’m filing this under money well spent in the name of restaurant-crispy wings, sans the deep fryer.

Tom Foppiano (Atlantic Beach, US)

My wife thought they were the best chicken wings she’s ever had

Richard R (Portage, US)
Vortex...a game changer

Been using the Vortex for about 10 years now. Glad to see it with Fogo. They pair so well together. Allows so many options with cooks on the BGE and Weber Kettle. I have one for each!

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