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Australian Wagyu Outside Skirt Steak Churrasco
WEDNESDAY 02.17.2021

Select, Choice, USDA Prime, domestic Wagyu, Australian Wagyu, Kobe, Japanese Wagyu…..Remember when you could just go to the store and buy a steak?  These days there are so many different cuts and grades to choose from that it could make a grown man cry.  We wanted to highlight one of the top types of steak being offered today, Australian Wagyu.

We have the great fortune of being located nearby to Josh’s Premium Meats here in Miami.  Josh carries only high-end products, including Australian and Japanese Wagyu grade beef.  His business has grown extremely rapidly because he only offers the best that there is and provides exceptional customer service.  His clientele has come to include movie stars, Musicians of all walks, sports superstars, and many others.  We would like to commend him and thank him for his continual partnership with FOGO.

Wagyu- pronounced wah-gyoo , simply put, means Japanese cow.  Australian Wagyu is from cows that are raised, bred, fed, and processed in Australia with their bloodline of origin coming from Japan.  Though this is slightly less marbled than true Japanese Wagyu, it still rates high on the BMS (Beef Marbling Standard) scale which is how the marbling in beef is graded.

If you have never tried Australian Wagyu, you are definitely missing out on an incredibly buttery, tender, tasty, melt in your mouth experience.  Its rich flavor and beefy taste are sure to put a smile on your face and make mmmm mmmm mmmm sounds when you indulge in it.  

In this week’s video, we cooked up a local Miami favorite, Churrasco.  This is simply a Latino name for grilled meats.  In most cases, it is a thin cut of beef grilled over hot coals.  We feel that skirt steak is the best for this and can be used for a variety of meals including tacos or just eaten by itself.  A good Chimichurri sauce over the top when fully cooked is a very popular way to enjoy this delicious meal.  If using shirt steak, it is especially important to know just how to slice it or you will have a very chewy experience.  I cannot stress this enough, slice skirt steak across the grain.  These are awfully long cuts, so when its done cooking, cut it into about 8-inch sections, then slice them longways, again, across the grain. 

Please click the link to the video and get a little bit of steak knowledge and check out the hot and fast cook we gave this beautiful skirt steak.  It is amazingly simple and fast to make and incredibly packed with flavor.  Some folks like to marinate their churrasco prior to cooking but with a great quality cut like we had here, there is really no reason.  Just a bit of salt and some hot FOGO Charcoal is all that you need.  Its not much of a recipe, but here is how we did it:

SERVINGS 3-4 People                          PREP TIME less than 5 minutes, not including lighting the grill.

COOK TIME 5 minutes plus 10 minutes rest time.


  • FOGO Charcoal- The first ingredient
  • Outside skirt steak
  • Kosher salt


  • Coat the steak liberally with kosher salt at least 20 minutes prior to cooking or immediately before placing it on the grill.
  • Light your grill and prepare it for hot direct grilling.


Place your seasoned steak directly on the grate over hot coals.  Cook on one side until a nice solid char is formed.  Flip the steak and cook the other side until the same level of char is achieved.  These steaks will cook quickly so be careful to not over cook them.  Here is a temperature guide for you to follow:

  • Rare: 120-125°
  • Medium Rare: 125-130°
  • Medium: 130-135°
  • Well done: We do not condone this type of behavior……

Thank you for checking us out and hope that you enjoy this week of The FOGO Life.  If you are someplace with snow, we would love to see and pictures you may have of grilling on the snow.  Post them up on your social media and use the #FOGOInTheSnow.  We will be randomly posting them on our Instagram stories and feed posts. Once again, thanks for tuning in and we will see you next week on, The FOGO Life.

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Easy to use. Just one gets the fire going.

As good as lump charcoal gets

I have used many brands of lump charcoal and I keep coming back to Fogo. It has a great flavor and long burn times when smoking.

Consistent Quality

I have tried practically every lump charcoal. I am partial to larger pieces as they last longer and maintain heat better. Fogo consistently delivers the best charcoal with the least amount of wasted smaller pieces and dust.
While Fogo is more expensive than most competitors it simply lasts longer. I find that I can reuse it more often than other brands’ charcoal. So over the course of using the entire bag my average cost per use is less than other charcoal.
Lastly, I like the quality of their bag and most importantly the quality of the burn. There is no chemical smells or flavors imparted in the meat.
Keep it up, FOGO! I love your product and will continue my loyalty as long as you continue to deliver superior charcoal. Now, off to smell some smoke and drink a nice bourbon (neat)!

Great stuff!

Tried this for the first time recently and was pleasantly surprised. Like the ad says, lights fast and burns hot. It does impart a nice smokey flavor. It can also be for low and slow cooks. Will definitely buy again. Used in kamado and kettle grills.

Love this stuff!

Works great for all kinds of cooks. Consistently sized chunks. This is some of my favorite charcoal and I make sure that I always have some on hand. I recommend it to everyone that comes over or tries the food! We use it in our kamado and two kettle grills.