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Brisket Style Tri-Tip
SUNDAY 04.11.2021

When it comes to smoked meats, there is one that most would consider The King of Meats. That’s right, I’m talking about the brisket.  The tasty bark, the pencil thin slices, the smoky flavor, it’s a favorite wherever you go.  What if I told you that you could achieve the same result for much less money and much, much less time?  You would be interested, wouldn’t you?

Well, this is the one for you.  We took a beautiful Tri-Tip and smoked it just like you’d smoke a brisket.  Have you ever even heard of such a thing?  Well, our results were remarkably interesting to say the least.  Not only that but we went way out there and used mayo as our binder.  If you are wondering how, it turned out, follow the link, and enjoy the video.  The results may very well surprise you!  We enjoyed this cook very much and hope that you do too.  When you watch the video, do not forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel, leave a comment and click on the bell to receive notifications of when we release the next video.  Smoke on, get out and grill and thank you for living #TheFOGOLife!  


Recipe Type- Beef

Skill level- Medium

Grill Time- Approx. 4 hours

Method- Smoking


FOGO Charcoal- The First Ingredient

Smoking chunks

Porter Road Tri-Tip

Kosher Salt

Coarse Ground Fresh Black Pepper



  1. Prepare your Porter Road Tri-Tip for smoking.  Trim off any excess fat and silver skin.
  2. Rub the Tri-Tip with the mayonnaise to use it as a binder.  
  3. Combine ¼ cup Kosher Salt and ¼ cup Coarse ground black pepper. (16 mesh pepper if you can find it)
  4. Apply the rub over the entire piece of meat.
  5. Prepare your smoker for 250°, indirect smoking.  Place the smoking chunks in your fire (We used Barrel Proof bourbon barrel blocks)
  6. Place the Tri-Tip on your smoker.  I recommend doing this with the fat cap down if your Tri-Tip has one and if you are cooking in a kamado style cooker.  This will protect the bottom layer from getting overdone.
  7. Allow the meat to cook until it reaches 165-170° internal temperature, spritzing it with water once or twice.  Once it hits the proper temperature and you are happy with the formation of the bark, remove the meat from the smoker and wrap it in peach butcher paper and place it back on the grate.
  8. Just like you would for a Brisket, finish cooking the Tri-Tip at around the 203° mark.  It may vary slightly from one piece to another, but the temperature probe should slide in and out with no resistance.
  9. Once it is done cooking, remove it, place it in a cooler, cover it with towels and allow it to rest for a minimum of one hour.
  10. Remove the meat from the cooler, unwrap it and slice it just the way you would slice a brisket.


Porter Road Meats- https://porterroad.com/?utm_source=ptr&utm_medium=yt&utm_campaign=fogo

Bokashi Steel Knives- https://bokashisteel.com/

Barrel Proof Bourbon Smoking Chunks- https://smokeyourbourbon.com/

Big Green Egg- https://biggreenegg.com/



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4633 reviews

Easy to use. Just one gets the fire going.

As good as lump charcoal gets

I have used many brands of lump charcoal and I keep coming back to Fogo. It has a great flavor and long burn times when smoking.

Consistent Quality

I have tried practically every lump charcoal. I am partial to larger pieces as they last longer and maintain heat better. Fogo consistently delivers the best charcoal with the least amount of wasted smaller pieces and dust.
While Fogo is more expensive than most competitors it simply lasts longer. I find that I can reuse it more often than other brands’ charcoal. So over the course of using the entire bag my average cost per use is less than other charcoal.
Lastly, I like the quality of their bag and most importantly the quality of the burn. There is no chemical smells or flavors imparted in the meat.
Keep it up, FOGO! I love your product and will continue my loyalty as long as you continue to deliver superior charcoal. Now, off to smell some smoke and drink a nice bourbon (neat)!

Great stuff!

Tried this for the first time recently and was pleasantly surprised. Like the ad says, lights fast and burns hot. It does impart a nice smokey flavor. It can also be for low and slow cooks. Will definitely buy again. Used in kamado and kettle grills.

Love this stuff!

Works great for all kinds of cooks. Consistently sized chunks. This is some of my favorite charcoal and I make sure that I always have some on hand. I recommend it to everyone that comes over or tries the food! We use it in our kamado and two kettle grills.