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Pork Necks on the Cotton Gin
WEDNESDAY 04.14.2021

One of the most often overlooked parts of the pig is the pork neck. This, in my humble opinion, is a giant mistake. It is a flavor packed, tender piece of meat and takes well to smoking or smoking and braising. Braising is basically a way of cooking using dry and wet heat. In this case, smoked first, then left to simmer in a covered pot full of beer and onions. Sounds great already, doesn’t it?

We used 2 pork necks from Porter Road Butchers and we could not have asked for any nicer cuts. They were full of the fat that you want in a neck and had plenty of meat on each. We did them both side by side in our FOGO Cotton Gin Smoker.  In each method we used, the fat really renders down nicely and helps to baste and flavor the final product. The PS Seasonings Notorious P.I.G. delivered a mouthful of flavor with a great mix of sweet and spicy. We were overly impressed.  You can feel free to use whatever seasoning you would like but this was fantastic.

Which do you think would be better, smoked and wrapped or smoked and braised?  We had a hard time deciding as they were both tender and delicious, but we all agreed that the clear winner was the ………. You’ll have to watch the video link and find out for yourself!!!!  Even better, do this same experiment for yourself.  Either way, you’ll have a meal that you will want again and again.  Thanks for joining us for another episode of The FOGO Life and remember to Get Out and Grill!

Recipe Type- Pork

Skill Level- Intermediate

Grill Time- 5 hours

Method- 2 ways, #1- smoked and #2, smoked and braised.


FOGO Charcoal- The First Ingredient

Pork Necks from Porter Road

Notorious P.I.G. Seasoning from PS Seasonings

1 yellow or sweet onion

1 can of beer


  1. Light the charcoal and prepare your smoker for indirect cooking at 250-275°
  2. Remove pork necks from the package and wipe them dry.
  3. Coat each neck liberally with the seasoning.
  4. Place each pork neck on the smoker and cook until they hit 165° internal temperature.
  5. Remove from the smoker, wrap one in foil or peach butcher paper, place the other in a Dutch oven with one sliced onion and enough beer to cover ¾ of the meat.
  6. Place your wrapped neck and the covered Dutch oven back on the smoker.
  7. Cook until they reach an approximate internal temperature of 203°.  They should be fall apart tender at this point.
  8. Shred each pork neck and enjoy them however you see fit.  We decided to make a delicious sandwich out of each.
  9. Enjoy each and every bite of this tasty treat!

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Easy to use. Just one gets the fire going.

As good as lump charcoal gets

I have used many brands of lump charcoal and I keep coming back to Fogo. It has a great flavor and long burn times when smoking.

Consistent Quality

I have tried practically every lump charcoal. I am partial to larger pieces as they last longer and maintain heat better. Fogo consistently delivers the best charcoal with the least amount of wasted smaller pieces and dust.
While Fogo is more expensive than most competitors it simply lasts longer. I find that I can reuse it more often than other brands’ charcoal. So over the course of using the entire bag my average cost per use is less than other charcoal.
Lastly, I like the quality of their bag and most importantly the quality of the burn. There is no chemical smells or flavors imparted in the meat.
Keep it up, FOGO! I love your product and will continue my loyalty as long as you continue to deliver superior charcoal. Now, off to smell some smoke and drink a nice bourbon (neat)!

Great stuff!

Tried this for the first time recently and was pleasantly surprised. Like the ad says, lights fast and burns hot. It does impart a nice smokey flavor. It can also be for low and slow cooks. Will definitely buy again. Used in kamado and kettle grills.

Love this stuff!

Works great for all kinds of cooks. Consistently sized chunks. This is some of my favorite charcoal and I make sure that I always have some on hand. I recommend it to everyone that comes over or tries the food! We use it in our kamado and two kettle grills.