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Cast Iron S'mores
TUESDAY 10.20.2020

Some of the best memories that I have of growing up on Long Island, NY are from family camping trips.  Along with 10 other families, we would go camping up in the beautiful mountains in Waterbury, Vt for two weeks every summer and have a blast.  With a group of 18 kids, we managed to have fun all day long. At night, nobody wanted to hang around the parents so we would all gather at one campsite and have our own campfire.  We would roast hot dogs, play stupid games and make s’mores.

There is just something about that combination of crunchy graham crackers, melty chocolate and ooey gooey marshmallow that is just magical.  We would forage the woods for that perfect stick, sharpen the end and stab a few marshmallows on there to be placed right over the fire.  (it wasn’t cool if your marshmallow didn’t catch fire and had to quickly blow it out!)  Once it was nice and hot, we’d slide it off the stick and onto a waiting graham cracker with 2 rectangles of Hershey’s bar and smeared with peanut butter.  We thought that was some next level stuff right there!

Sitting around that campfire,  laughing and eating those s’mores were such a great time and a real reminder of a well spent youth.  As an adult, I wanted to find a way to recreate that tasty treat but do it using a grill. Everything is better when it's done over charcoal, this is The FOGO Life!  This is what I came up with and here is how to make it:

Video Recipe


  • FOGO Premium Charcoal- The First Ingredient
  • 1 TBSP butter
  • 24 oz semi-sweet chocolate morsels
  • Marshmallows
  • Graham Crackers


  • Preheat your grill to 450°
  • Place cast iron skillet in hot grill for 5 minutes
  • Remove the skillet and melt the butter, covering the entire cooking surface evenly
  • Pour chocolate morsels in the skillet completely covering the bottom
  • Top with marshmallows to cover
  • Bake for 7-10minutes until marshmallows are toasted
  • Remove the skillet from the grill.  Serve on graham crackers using a spoon or simply dip your crackers right in and scoop up the deliciousness!

This is a fun, easy way to enjoy some good times and tasty treats with your loved ones.  I had a lot of fun with this one and it really brought up some great memories.  I hope you’ll try this out for yourself and create some memories of your own.  Have a Happy Halloween, stay safe and keep on living The FOGO Life!



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Outstanding product. In the past I would use 2 fire starters to get the fire going good. However, with the Blazaball I only use 1 fire starter and the fire is ready in no time. So I’m saving money on fire starters. Simply a brilliant product idea. I have two Eggs (small and large) so I had to order a second Blazaball. Why share? 😬

The right smoke

Ax Breaker - in case you’re curious Quebracho translates to Ax Breaker. I’m glad someone broke a few axes on these trees - the charcoal is by far the best I’ve ever used.
You know that acrid smoke that you get from a lot of charcoals? The white smoke that, until you get the temp just right, won’t go away. And if you put the meat on, turn your back for two seconds and then look back - it’s all white again because the temp got too high too fast… This charcoal holds temps really well, so I’ve avoided that acrid smoke on every cook.
5 stars - would buy again. Worth the price.

Love it!

I used to use a propane torch for silver soldering. It was a touch hotter, but requires me to hold the torch close to the flame upside down. I like the handle and holding this torch upright. I’ve used proper torch, BGE lifter blocks, and electric heaters. This torch is the fastest way to light my fire.

This is the BEST charcoal I have used. It lights super quick burns super clean and burns super Long. It burns very hot too. Thank you fogo


This charcoal is hands down the best, it has lasted me months and has great taste and burns hot!