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Ceviche Style Grilled Lobster Tail by Ron Dimpflmaier
FRIDAY 08.14.2020

Two of my favorite seafoods are ceviche and grilled lobster tails. This recipe takes the two, smashes them together and combines them to create a lobster feat like no other. The big secret is in the very simple marinade. The acid from the limes works to “cook” the lobster meat (hence the “ceviche”) while it’s marinating and the grill finish gives that extra boost to tickle your taste buds.


  • FOGO Premium 
  • 1 Giant Spiny Lobster tail or 4 spiny lobster tails
  • 6 cloves garlic, chopped, separated n half
  • 1 bunch fresh cilantro (leaves and stems)
  • Juice of 8 limes
  • 1 stick of butter


  • Split the lobster tails down the back to the tail with a knife, continue through the meat until it hits the bottom of the shell. Apply enough pressure to just crack the bottom “rungs” of the shell without going completely through. Unfold the shell so both halves lay flat and the tail is butterflied.
  • Pull the meat from the shells and lay it back in. Place the tails flat in a container.
  • Pour the lime juice over the tails, making sure to get some under the meat in the shells. Add ½ of the minced garlic and sprinkle generously with chopped cilantro.
  • Cover and refrigerate the tails for a minimum of 30 minutes up to a few hours. The longer they sit, the more the lime will penetrate the lobster meat.
  • Melt the butter with the rest of the garlic and some of the remaining cilantro.
  • Place the tails on your grill over a medium hot fire with the meat side up. Cook for 3-5 minutes, basting with the butter mixture halfway through.
  • Flip the lobster tails over so the meat side is down on the grates. You just want to give enough time to give a slight char. Flip them back over, baste again and cook until they hit an internal temp of 140-145 degrees F.


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Easy to use. Just one gets the fire going.

As good as lump charcoal gets

I have used many brands of lump charcoal and I keep coming back to Fogo. It has a great flavor and long burn times when smoking.

Consistent Quality

I have tried practically every lump charcoal. I am partial to larger pieces as they last longer and maintain heat better. Fogo consistently delivers the best charcoal with the least amount of wasted smaller pieces and dust.
While Fogo is more expensive than most competitors it simply lasts longer. I find that I can reuse it more often than other brands’ charcoal. So over the course of using the entire bag my average cost per use is less than other charcoal.
Lastly, I like the quality of their bag and most importantly the quality of the burn. There is no chemical smells or flavors imparted in the meat.
Keep it up, FOGO! I love your product and will continue my loyalty as long as you continue to deliver superior charcoal. Now, off to smell some smoke and drink a nice bourbon (neat)!

Great stuff!

Tried this for the first time recently and was pleasantly surprised. Like the ad says, lights fast and burns hot. It does impart a nice smokey flavor. It can also be for low and slow cooks. Will definitely buy again. Used in kamado and kettle grills.

Love this stuff!

Works great for all kinds of cooks. Consistently sized chunks. This is some of my favorite charcoal and I make sure that I always have some on hand. I recommend it to everyone that comes over or tries the food! We use it in our kamado and two kettle grills.