Compound Butter and NY Strip Steak

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    Red Meat

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    1-2 hrs

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    Serves 2

Compound Butter Ingredients

NY Strip Steak Ingredients


Place softened butter into a mixing bowl and add all of the chopped ingredients, olive oil and lemon zest to the butter. Mix lightly with a fork until all the ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Compound Butter

Put the mixture on a piece of parchment paper and roll into a log shape about an inch and a half in diameter, and place in the refrigerator till the butter log is back to the firmness of a cold stick of butter.

Compound Butter Roll

Season your steaks with your favorite rub, and let them sit at room temperature while you prepare the coals. I wouldn’t recommend letting any other cuts of meat sit outside of the refrigerator, but with beef you’re fine to let it sit out for a short time, depending on ambient temperature.


I like to start my FOGO in a chimney; they start quickly and easily this way. When your coals look like this….

Burning Fogo Premium Lump Charcoal

they are ready to be poured into the grill that will be set up for indirect heat.

Pouring Fogo Premium Lump Charcoal into the grill

We are going to place the steaks in the “cool” zone of the grill and let them reverse sear until the internal temp reaches 123 degrees. Notice the steaks are as far away from the heat source as possible, this allows them to slowing come up to temperature while taking in that FOGO flavor. I tend to keep my grill at about 250 degrees while the steaks are in the indirect heat.

Steaks Over "Cool Zone"

Once the steaks reach 123 degrees internal temperature, move the steaks directly over the now white-hot FOGO lump charcoal and let them get a nice sear.

White-Hot Fogo Premium Lump Charcoal

Steaks Over White-Hot Fogo Premium Lump Charcoal

Without the searing you won’t get the Maillard reaction needed to cook a great steak and they will just fall flat. You can sear on just about any heat source that’s hot enough, people even use butane torches, which to me is just nuts, but I digress. In any case, I have found over the years (and I’ve been grilling a long time) that the FOGO Charcoal adds another layer of flavor to the meat. I don’t say this because I write for FOGO…I say it because, well it’s the truth.  I sear for about 3 minutes total on each side, but I flip constantly. Sure the grill marks look cool but if you’re looking for the very best flavor you want that nice char all over the steak, not just on a grill mark. After the searing is complete your internal steak temp should be about 130 for a medium rare steak and the meat should be an even caramel brown color.

At this point, remove the steak from the grill and let it rest. Resting the meat (letting it sit at room temp) is important because the moisture inside needs time to redistribute back through the meat. If you cut into your steak too soon, the liquid will run out and your expensive and perfectly cooked steak will end up as dry as an old catchers mitt. By letting it rest, the moisture is able to re-absorb back onto the steak and the meat will be as tender and juicy as you’ve ever had. Trust me on this one, it’s worth the wait. Speaking of waiting, how long do you have to wait you might ask? That’s a good question and everyone has an opinion but generally speaking about 8 -10 minutes per lb of steak. About the last 2 minutes of the rest is when I add a generous portion of the butter we made earlier…right on top.

 Compound Butter over NY Strip Steak

Watch it melt into the meat and get ready for the best steak of your life.

Compound Butter over Sliced NY Strip Steak


Recipe by Matt Eads (@grillseeker).


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  • Holy cow!!!! The picture alone makes my mouth water!!!! Can’t wait to try this. ?

  • This looks delicious! I’m sending this to my husband for Mothers Day and hope he gets the hint! Thanks!

    Deborah B.
  • This looks AWESOME! Will def have to try!!!

    Courtney Darke
  • Now that looks
    Delicious!! I have to try it. Thanks for the recipe

    Tara lafontant
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