Does Wind Affect the Temperature Control In a Ceramic Kamado Cooker???

Temperature control in the Big Green Egg is something that we get asked about quite a bit.  As you know, charcoal relies on air to keep a good fire burning.  But what happens if you are in a windy area?  Will the wind actually affect the way that your kamado grill holds temperature?  Well, we weren’t sure either, so we put an XL Big Green Egg to the test.  We set it up, got a steady 250° fire burning and turned a fan on in front of it.  To see what happened next, click the link, and watch the entire video.  We also cover 2 different types of temperature controllers that can make temperature control much, much easier for you.  When you hit that link and go to the video, please leave a comment right away and let us know if you think that a breeze will be able to affect the temperature of the grill enough to make a difference.  Then, watch and see if you were right!  We love to hear from you, remember to subscribe and turn on those notifications so you don’t miss anything!


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