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Fogo Grilled Corn on the Cob Recipe
THURSDAY 08.03.2017



If you have very fresh and moist corn, no need to soak it. Otherwise soak it a bit so it doesn't burn as quickly. 

Get your Fogo Charcoal lit up and burning hot. 

Light your Fogo Charcoal

Toss the Corn on the Cob with Husks on directly onto your hot Fogo Fire.

Whole Corn on the Cob over Fogo Charcoal

Turn it repeatedly and often. You want to char the husk completely and even burn it off without burning the corn itself, apart from a little charring. 

Turn your whole corn on the cob frequently on the Lump charcoal fire

Fresh Corn on the Cob on the GrillFresh Cut Corn on the Cob grilled of Lump charcoal

Once the husk is burnt off and the corn is slightly charred it is ready and you can take it off. 

Easy, simple, and great tasting Summer Barbecue! Enjoy!

Charred Grilled Corn on the CobEnjoy your grilled corn on the cob



Recipe by Richard Rollins (@PigsOnBBQ)


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Thes work well

These work well. I used them to fireup my masterbuilt gravety fed.

The FOGO rub

This rub is really cool. Great conversation and shock from company. Ans the taste is unique and tasty.
But I am also using it for something it’s probably not made for... fish! I love to use this to blacken fish in a iron skillet! It’s fantastic!


Fogo Premium is much more consistent in size compared to what I've been use to. There are smaller pieces, but not unusable in a smoker and larger pieces were throughout the entire bag with very little dust at the bottom. Overall pretty happy with the entire bag and only a couple dollars more than what I was using.

Great product!

Awesome charcoal!! Fantastic for hot and fast cooks. Provides a great flavor for steaks and chicken! Will keep this in inventory at home.

FOGO Premium Lump Charcoal 35lbs