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Delicious Grilled Sticky Glazed Char Siu Chicken
FRIDAY 10.13.2017

It's about to get sticky. 

No need for Chinese takeout! Fire up your grill (with FOGO) and get started on this delicious alternative to the famous Char Siu Pork. Our Sticky Glazed Char Siu Chicken is very simple to prepare and grill. The smell of the marinade is an aroma like none other. As soon as you sprinkle in the Chinese five spice powder, it will hit you.

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 Mix all ingredients in a plastic bag or container and marinate overnight.

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Prepare grill for indirect heat at 300 degrees.

Move the chicken around to cook evenly. Since these are thighs (dark meat), grill to 165-170 degrees. Place the chicken directly over coals for last few minutes to get some grill marks and char if you think they need it.

FOGO charcoal, Char Siu Chicken

Place over lettuce and sprinkle with sesame seeds and green onion.

FOGO Charcoal, Char Siu Chicken



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