Hot and Fast Brisket

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    Red Meat

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  • Grill Time

    3+ hours

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    Serves 15-20

There are certain cuts of meat that will benefit from cooking slow and low, brisket is definitely known as one of them.  The reason is that the brisket comes from the chest area of the cow and is therefore very “tough”.  Normally, traditional ways of thinking tell us that low and slow is the way to cook these cuts.   Well, you know that we just had to test that theory.  We decided to go all out and cook this Prime brisket at 400°.  We were pretty surprised at the results and I think that you will be too!

Click the link here to watch the whole video and see how this hunk of hot and fast meat turned out.  There are also some helpful tips that you may pick up n there to help with your brisket cooking adventures.  We certainly hope that you enjoy the video.  We would love to see what you are cooking up, so make sure to tag us and use #FOGOCharcoal and #FOGOFamily in your social media posts! 

Thanks for joining us for this episode of The FOGO Life.  Now, get out and grill!

Video Recipe


  1. Light your grill and prepare it for indirect cooking at 400°.  Once lit and burning well, add your smoking chunks on the very edge of the fire.
  2. Trim all excess fat from the brisket.  This includes all silver skin from the top and all the hard, non-rendering fat from the bottom.  Leave about a ¼” fat cap on the bottom side.
  3. Combine the salt and pepper and mix well.
  4. Spray the entire brisket with Duck Fat Spray or whatever you would like to use as a binder.
  5. Coat the brisket liberally well with the salt and pepper
  6. Insert your thermometer into the flat (skinny) end of the brisket.  We used a Meater Wireless Thermometer
  7. Place the brisket on the grate.  If you are using a kamado style cooker, we recommend placing it with the fat cap down.  We find its less likely to burn the bottom side of the meat.
  8. When the meat reaches 165°, remove it from the grill and wrap in peach butcher paper.  You may also use foil if you do not have the paper.  Return the meat to the grill and continue cooking.
  9. Once your meat reaches 198° internal temperature, check for doneness.  You will know it is done when a probe will slide into the meat with little or no resistance.  The final temperature will vary from one brisket to the next.
  10. When it’s done cooking, place the brisket in a similar sized cooler or Cambro container.  Cover with towels and close the lid.  Allow the brisket to rest for a minimum of one hour.  The longer the rest period, the better your brisket will be. (3-4 hours)
  11. Remove the meat and slice the brisket across the grain and serve.


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