Poor Man's Burnt Ends

  • Recipe Type

    Red Meat

  • Skill Level


  • Grill Time

    3+ hours

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  • Servings

    Serves 8

There are so many ways to enjoy different cuts of beef on your smoker that it is almost impossible to list them all.  The piece of beef that we most often see smoked would be the brisket.  One way to enjoy it is to cut off the point end and make burnt ends out of it.  Those soft, sticky, gooey little bites of meat candy just cannot be beat.  But what if you did not want to go through the money, time, and effort to have to deal with that big old hunk of meat?  Is there an easier way?  The answer is YES!  Get yourself a Chuck Roast and make yourself some “Poor Man’s Burnt Ends”

Now, let me set something straight, their name is a bit misleading.  Chuck Roast can actually cost more per pound than brisket does.  So, why in the world do they call them Poor Man’s Burnt Ends?   It is simple, to make it from brisket, you first have to go and get an entire packer brisket which averages around 15 lbs.  Then, you have to trim that brisket and lose all the weight from the fat you trimmed off.

With a chuck roast, on the other hand, you pay for one 3-5 lb. piece of meat and in most cases, there is no trimming to be done.  So, you may be spending more per pound, but you are actually saving a whole lot of money over making brisket burnt ends.  The best part, once you bite into these little pillows of beefy goodness, you will know you have achieved something truly special.  A true culinary treat for your taste buds.  

Click the link to watch the whole video and learn how easy it is to make these on your own.  You will wonder why you have never tried them before.  While you are there, please remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel and turn on the bell to receive notifications for when we release a new video.  We have some great ones coming up!  Thanks for joining us for another episode of The FOGO Life, get out and grill and we hope to see you next time!


  1. Coat the entire chuck roast with the BBQ Seasoning rub and place uncovered in the refrigerator while you prepare the grill.
  2. Fill your grill with FOGO Charcoal and prepare it for indirect cooking at 275°.
  3. When the grill has come to temperature, place your wood chunks in with the charcoal and place the chuck roast on the grate.
  4. Continue smoking the roast until it you have achieved an internal temperature of 165°.
  5. Remove the meat from the grill and wrap it in pink butchers’ paper or foil and place it right back on the grill.
  6. Once the wrapped meat is at 195°, remove it from the grill.  Unwrap your chuck roast and cut it into 1” cubes.  Place these cubes into a heat proof pan and coat them liberally with BBQ Sauce and place that back on the grill.  *Many people choose to cover the burnt ends at this point, but we wanted to show you that it is not completely necessary.
  7. After approximately ½ hour, they should be plenty soft, and the sauce should be caramelized.  Pull them off the smoker, allow to cool for a few minutes and dig in!  Now is when you will need those napkins!


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