Rotisserie Tomahawks on the ArteFlame

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    Red Meat

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    Serves 1-8

We have already cooked beautiful tomahawk ribeye steaks cooked all sorts of ways.  We have Grilled them direct, Reverse seared them, we even drilled holes in the bones and hung them in the Cotton Gin.  We needed something new to try so, we decided that it would be neat to put two tomahawks, crisscrossed on a rotisserie and see what we come up with.  So, we filled up the ArteFlame with FOGO, skewered and tied the steaks to the spit and took those babies for a spin, literally.

The result was two of the best tomahawks we have ever eaten.  They were perfectly pink from edge to edge with a crust that couldn’t be beat.  Remember, the crust is a must, and the char is the star!  Those direct flames caused the Maillard (mə-lard) reaction to form a super tasty finish with an incredible texture. What is the Maillard reaction?  It is defined as a non-enzymatic reaction between sugars and proteins that occurs upon heating. 

 There you got your science lesson for the day, now go ahead and click the link and watch the video.  We really appreciate each and every one of you that do.  Remember to subscribe to the channel and leave us a comment telling us your thoughts on it.  Enjoy it and thanks for being a part of the #FOGOFamily!

Video Recipe


  1. Fill your grill with FOGO Premium Charcoal, we used Eucalyptus for this cook.  Light the coals and get a good fire burning.  Separate the coals so that there is a channel down the middle, so the drippings do not go directly onto the coals.  If you skip this step, the drippings will partially extinguish the fire and create a dirty, bitter smoke.
  2. Season each steak liberally with The Rub.  Make sure that each steak is fully coated. 
  3. Arrange your steaks however you would like them to be on the skewer.  We chose a crisscross pattern, but you can feel free to do it however you see fit.  Once you have them laid out, pass the spit through the center of each steak, making sure that they are as centered as possible.  You may need to tie them with kitchen twine as we did in the video to prevent them from flopping around.
  4. Place the spit into the rotisserie and let those steaks start spinning.  You will want to monitor them with an instant read thermometer, so they do not get over or under cooked.  For these, we pulled them off at approximately 125° internal temperature and let them rest for 10 minutes.  This allows for the juices to redistribute and the carry over heat to bring the steaks to the desired doneness.
  5. Carefully remove the steaks from the skewer and slice them across the grain for a nice, tender bite.

This was a really fun and different way to cook tomahawks.  The way that it looked with the meat and the bones just spinning around was mesmerizing.  The best part, they turned out fantastic!  They were so tasty, and the direct flames and that rub made for an incredibly tasty bite of crust.  We hope you enjoy the video and thanks for joining us for another week of The FOGO Life!


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