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The FOGO Supersized McRib
WEDNESDAY 01.20.2021

Welcome back to the latest edition of The FOGO Life.  I hope you enjoyed last week's video of making our very own McDonalds McRib.  We sure enjoyed making it and eating it was even better!  For this week's episode, we decided to SuperSize it and go all in.  We smoked racks of baby back ribs in the FOGO  Cotton Gin Smoker, pulled the bones out, laid it on beautiful soft bread, slathered it with BBQ sauce, covered it with chopped white onions and dill pickle slices and devoured it.  It was a monster of a sandwich and the flavors were out of this world!

What’s nice about this is that it is super simple and can really be made on any grill.  The ground pork patties that are used to make the regular McRib couldn’t even begin to compare with the incredible flavor and tenderness of using actual ribs.  What a concept, REAL ribs on a rib sandwich!  Who’d have thought???

We started off by cleaning up our racks of ribs.  Ron trimmed all of the excess fat from the front and back of each rack prior to the rub.  Normally, we would remove the membrane from the back side of the ribs but it was already done for us when we got these.  No complaints here, one less step for us.  Next we applied our rubs.  Some folks like to use a binder such as yellow mustard so the rub will adhere better but we just applied the rub directly to the meats and let them sit for 10 minutes or so.  This allows the natural juices  to come out of the meat, grab the seasonings and pull it down into the ribs.  We used two different rubs from Wassi’s Meat Market, the first is their Maple Reserve and the second was their Sweet & Smoky rub.  They have fantastic seasonings and you can find all of their products on their site. (See the link below)  I couldn’t tell you which rack we liked best, just that they were both incredibly tender and full of flavor.

The next step was to fill the Cotton Gin Smoker with FOGO Super Premium charcoal and get it lit.  Our target temperature was 275° but we overshot it just a touch.  Once we hung the ribs and shut the vents a bit, the Cotton Gin adjusted very quickly and got us right at our target temp.  It never changed temperature and we didn’t have to adjust it again.

About 4 hours later the ribs were ready and itching to be eaten.  Once they came off of the smoker, we loaded them up with BBQ sauce.  I had 4 different bottles that were almost empty, so I combined them and made one of the best sauces I have ever tasted!  Sometimes the strangest things produce the best result.  Anyway, back to the sandwich.  We got a full loaf of soft bread from the local supermarket, sliced it in half lengthwise and laid the whole rack on there.  We then loaded it with chopped white onion (white onions are non negotiable in this step) and dill pickle slices.  Just drop the top on and you’re ready to feed the neighborhood.  Well, maybe not the WHOLE neighborhood but at least a few people.  You could do that but I have a feeling you’re gonna want to save it all for yourself.  It’s just that good!

Even if you do not like the fast food version, I highly suggest you try this one out for yourself.  This is one cook that we will be making for the whole family on a regular basis.  Everyone loved it.  Thanks for joining us this week and we truly appreciate each and every one of you.  Remember to tag us in your social media posts.  We would love to see what you are cooking up!  Keep that charcoal burning, smoke rolling and fires lit!  We will see you next week on, The FOGO Life!


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