What to cook first in your new Ceramic Cooker?

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What should I cook first in my new Big Green Egg? That is the number one question that we hear when someone gets a new ceramic cooker. Although the options are limitless as to what can be made on a kamado grill, our standard answer is always “pulled pork.”  Pulled pork is a great way to start because it is very forgiving if something goes wrong, plus its easy and delicious. If you have temperature fluctuations, flare ups, fire dying or any of a number of things that can go wrong, a smoked pork butt will be a safe cook to deal with these challenges. The end result will still be a juicy and flavorful meal that will have you feeling like you have been a pitmaster for years! So go out and get yourself a Boston Butt, fill the grill with FOGO and get smoking!


  1. Fill your grill with FOGO Super Premium charcoal and prepare it for indirect cooking at 275°.
  2. Using a sharp knife, score the fat cap down to the meat. Slather a thin coating of yellow mustard over the entire butt, making sure to get into every crease and crevice.
  3. Liberally coat the butt with the BBQ rub of your choosing. Make sure to get the rub down into every place possible. Rub the seasoning in so that it gets down in between the score marks in the fat cap.
  4. Place a thermometer into the center of the meat. Make sure the probe does not touch the bone as that will give an inaccurate temperature reading.
  5. Place the pork butt in the center of the grate on your preheated grill and let it cook until it hits 165-170°. The bark should be nicely set by now. (This should be somewhere around 4 ½ hours)
  6.  Remove the pork from the grill and wrap it completely in aluminum foil and return it to the grates.
  7. Continue cooking the pork until the thermometer reads 203°. (This should also be somewhere around 4 ½ hours as well) A temperature probe should slide into the meat with no resistance. This is how you tell when it is completely done.
  8. Remove the pork from the grill and place the wrapped meat onto a similar sized cooler. Place some old towels around the pork to insulate it and allow it to rest for at least 45 minutes. I would recommend an hour and a half if you have the time.
  9. Once the resting period is over, remove the meat from the cooler, unwrap it and place it in a container. Pour all of the juices from the foil onto the meat.
  10. Use your hands or 2 forks to shred the meat. It should be fall apart tender at tis point and shred easily.


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