Does A Bigger Grill Burn More Charcoal?

When it comes to charcoal usage, do you think that grill size matters?  We have always heard the debate about whether an XL Big Green Egg or other similar sized kamado cooker would actually use more charcoal than a smaller version of the same grill.  Well, we decided to test it out and see, once and for all, which one uses more fuel.  We put identical weights and same size pieces in a Large and an XL BGE and cooked a pork butt in each.  I’ll tell you this, I was a bit surprised at the final outcome. Before you watch, let us know in the comment section of the video which you think will use more fuel.  Then, see if you were right by the end of the video.  The results may truly surprise you.  Enjoy the video, Get out and Grill and remember to include FOGO in your next cookout.


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