Setting up your Weber Kettle

There are many different types of grills out there and there is one that is quite possibly the most popular grill anywhere, the Weber Kettle.   For this series, we have teamed up with Bradley Robinson of Chud’s BBQ to teach you all about the Weber Kettle.   These grills have been around since the beginning of time (well, almost) and there is good reason.  This grill can do almost anything.  You can grill, smoke, sear, and a variety of other cooking terms on the Weber and turn out some fantastic results.  

Today, Bradley starts at the beginning and shows how to assemble, light, and even cook a beautiful steak on this versatile piece of grilling equipment.  This is just the first in a series, so be sure to stay tuned and see what else he has to show us.  He will be covering everything from basic grilling to smoking meats.  We hope that you are as excited as we are about this! 


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