How To Adjust Bands and Replace a Gasket for your Kamado Grill

After using your Big Green Egg for a while, there are certain maintenance items that will arise.  Band adjustment, gasket replacement etc. You could very easily go to your local dealer and pay them to fix these normal issues, OR…... you could tackle them yourself.  These are simple tasks that with just a little bit of elbow grease and a little bit of time are things that many of you can handle quite simply.  Go ahead, try it out, you just may surprise yourself.  In this video, @cptnron302 walks you step by step, in simple, easy to understand language how to adjust your metal bands as well as change both the dome and base gaskets.

To change a gasket on your grill may seem like a daunting task, bit it really is quite simple.  If you follow these easy-to-follow directions, you could have all new gaskets and be back cooking within the hour.  You will know when your gaskets need replacing as they may be totally flat with no bounce left in them or simply burned away like the Captains were.  No matter the problem, these are both very normal things to happen during normal regular use.  Hey, don’t forget, we are playing with fire every time we cook!

To complete these relatively easy tasks, you will need a few items to work with.  They are:

  • Gasket Replacement Kit
  • 7/16” wrench for the acorn nuts on the bands
  • ½” wrench for the nut on the back of the bands
  • Medium to coarse grit sandpaper
  • Utility knife or other sharp instrument
  • Acetone
  • A towel
  • FOGO Premium Charcoal to cook with after replacing the gasket!!!

Without going into great detail, lets go over how to do it.  (we do want you to watch the video) Start by removing everything from the inside of your grill.  This includes the grate, conveggtor, fire ring, fire bowl & Kick Ash Basket.  You DO have a Kick Ash Basket, right?  Every kamado grill should have one!  Make sure that when you remove the items from inside the grill that you place them someplace safe.  Handle them with care too.  Most of the parts inside are made from ceramics and are very fragile.  Let’s not create a new problem while repairing some old problems.

Once you have all of the parts out and placed safely, it is time to inspect the bands.  You’ll want to see if the bands overlap the dome or base,  if they are rusted or just need adjustment in general.  The video will take you step by step, nut by nut, on how to properly adjust the bands.  It is far easier than you may think.  A wrench and a little bit of muscle and you will be all ready to go.

If gasket replacement is necessary, leave yourself just a bit more time.  Same thing though, it is way easier than you probably think.  Captain Ron had his off and changed and reassembled in less than a half hour.  We do not condone rushing this process though.  Take your time and do it right.  Remember, anything worth doing is worth doing right.  Also remember, as my 5th grade art teacher, Mr. Robertelli used to tell us “If you rush it, you ruin it”.  Those pearls of wisdom have stuck with me to this day and man oh man, it sure is true.

Removal of the old gasket is where you’ll take the most time.  Every little annoying piece of the old gasket must be removed on order to ensure good adhesion with the new gaskets.  BTW, did you know that we sell gasket replacement kits?  Our kit makes it even easier than Ron made it look in the video.  First, you’ll peel away the old gasket which in almost all cases leaves a bit of the old gasket there.  Start by scraping the old stuff away with a utility knife or something similar.  Be careful not to scrape down into the ceramics though.  We just want to remove the old gasket, not a layer of the grill!  From there, you’ll need to use some sandpaper to remove those stubborn little pieces.  Some will just want to remain a part of your grill.  Do not let them!  Finally, after it is all removed, give it a good wipe with an old towel and some acetone.  This will in no way harm your Egg and have no lasting effects.  Let it sit to dry completely for about ½ hour.  Now you are ready for the new gasket installation.

The gasket will come with pre-applied adhesive covered by a strip of slick paper for no stick storage.  To install, simply peel off a few inches of the paper backing, and starting at the REAR of the grill, apply the gasket to the ceramic.  Continue to guide it around as you peel the paper away.  Once you have gone all the way around and have met with the starting point, overlap the material a bit.  Using a sharp utility knife, make a diagonal cut through both layers at the seam.  Make it tight so that there is no air gap.  Finish by pressing down firmly all the way around and pushing together where the seam is.  Like I said, you want that gap as absolutely tight together as possible.  Simply reassemble everything the exact opposite way of when you took it apart.  Just be sure to make sure that the bands are spaced equally on top and bottom so that you do not have an overbite or underbite.  If you do wind up with one, just refer back to the video to see how to fix it.

Now you have a fully functional and operational grill again.  Go ahead and smoke, sear, and grill to your hearts content.  While you are doing that, take a minute to admire your accomplishment and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  Just make sure you do not have hot tongs in your hand or something. That’s enough of the dad jokes, thanks for tuning in.  Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember to get out and grill and we will see you the next time on The FOGO Life!


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