How to do a “Clean Burn” in your Kamado

So, your Big Green Egg or Kamado grill has seen some good use but now the inside is covered in black buildup. This buildup can cause off putting smells and flavors when you cook in it, and nobody wants that. So, what can you do to clean it out? No, Windex is definitely not the answer here. The easiest way to get a full cleaning is with a hot fire burning for a couple of hours. It will eradicate all that nasty buildup of grease, fats, dirt, and other undesirable substances and make it look almost new again. If done correctly, the inside of the grill will turn white again and you will have clean burning fires resulting in better tasting food! Simply click the link to watch the full “how to” video. Follow our simple instructions and you will be incredibly pleased at the results! 


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