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Tip #1: Lighting your Charcoal
FRIDAY 04.24.2020

Lighting charcoal properly is as important as measuring your meat temps!

Lighting charcoal properly is as important as measuring your meat temps! You don't want the fire to die down in the middle of a cook. To help you prevent this, we have compiled a list of methods on how to light your fire:

- Paper towel and Oil: This is the best method when you do not have anything else. You can find all items in your house and if done properly it always works.

- FOGOstarters: All natural fire starters that will light up your charcoal and ready to cook in 15 min.

- Electric starter/Heat gun: These are good choices to start your charcoal. The Looftlighter is one of our favorites as it's a mix of both electric starter and heat gun. However, it is not a wireless solution and being close to a socket is not always an option.

- Chimney starter: Easy and reliable, this is our favorite chimney starter. It's portability make it our top choice.

- Propane torch: This is a fast and easy way of lighting your charcoal. Our favorite torch y JJGeorge's blow torch.

- Beeswax starters: Similar to our FOGOstarters, just harder to find.

Check out the video below and find the perfect method for you:


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The best charcoal on the Market

FOGO has been by far the best charcoal we've ever tried. I've been a customer for years now. It's the only constantly top quality charcoal with amazing taste and very little sparks.

Amazing Mug with rad branding.

Keeps my coffee hot and pop cold. The FOGO logo has to be responsible for this extra hot coffee phenomenon when I fill this Yeti up. Great mug, highly recommend.


Outstanding product. In the past I would use 2 fire starters to get the fire going good. However, with the Blazaball I only use 1 fire starter and the fire is ready in no time. So I’m saving money on fire starters. Simply a brilliant product idea. I have two Eggs (small and large) so I had to order a second Blazaball. Why share? 😬

The right smoke

Ax Breaker - in case you’re curious Quebracho translates to Ax Breaker. I’m glad someone broke a few axes on these trees - the charcoal is by far the best I’ve ever used.
You know that acrid smoke that you get from a lot of charcoals? The white smoke that, until you get the temp just right, won’t go away. And if you put the meat on, turn your back for two seconds and then look back - it’s all white again because the temp got too high too fast… This charcoal holds temps really well, so I’ve avoided that acrid smoke on every cook.
5 stars - would buy again. Worth the price.