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Tip #2: Measuring Heat
MONDAY 05.18.2020

Having an approximate heat level makes your life easier, so you can get the best flavor and texture out of your food.

When grilling, cooking at exact temperatures is not as crucial as it is in baking. However, having an approximate heat level makes your life easier, so you can get the best flavor and texture out of your food. There are two main types of ways of measuring heat:

  • With a thermometer - This can be either the thermometer incorporated in your grill lid, or by using a grill thermometer and measure the cooking grates.
  • By hand - This is a very basic method of measuring, but it's convenient enough to give you a rough idea on how hot your grill is without using any external tools.

The Hand Method

This method is convenient and easy to learn. Just keep in mind that you should always be careful, as there might be a risk of you getting burned if the necessary precautions are not taken.

The hand method consists of putting your hand 5 inches above the cooking grates and you'll be able to measure the approximate temperature depending on how much time you can handle the heat for:

2 to 4 seconds: High heat (450-550F)

5 to 7 seconds: Medium heat (350-450F)

8-10 seconds: Low heat (250-350F)

It is as easy as that! Remember, safety first! If you are not comfortable with putting your hand above the grate, use a thermometer - nothing works best for accurate temperatures!

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